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Wahana Cinta Momozen : Soon Will Be The Highest Ferris Wheel in Indonesia!

The East Jakarta area in Indonesia is still being developed and there are lots of construction & development there, including the ones at Jakarta Garden City. On this area, there are several areas that is still being constructed, two of them are AEON Mall & Ferris Wheel Wahana Cinta Momozen.


Wahana Cinta Momozen


Located near the entrance of Jakarta Garden City complex, you could see the big building of AEON Mall and the fondation of Ferris Wheel. It is projected to be completed by September 2017. Before the official grand opening, Wahana Cinta Momozen group invite IBornToTravel together with other bloggers & medias to join the press conference.


Press Con Momozen


Press-Con Wahana Cinta Momozen at Club House Jakarta Garden City



The press conference was attended by the Momozen team from Japan & Indonesia. Momozen itself means “1000 Kebaikan” in Bahasa or 1000 Goodness. In Indonesia, it is owned by PT Momozen Amusemen Indonesia with their mission to bring a new experience in the entertainment industry with 3 principals which are Omotenasi (friendliness), Omoiyari (teamwork) and Originality.




The Ferris Wheel already applied the international quality standard, using a high quality technologi in terms of the fondation, safety, completed with anti-lightning protection. The head of the constructor itself is from Japan, of course with the help of Indonesian to finish the project.

Momozen press con


Aside from the press conference about the Ferris Wheel, IBornToTravel and the others were also introduced about the food that will be sold & the passengers could enjoy it on board. The head chef is coming and he explain about two Grab & Go Food, which are the Shawarma & Brazillian Chicken Wing.


Momozen Chef






Wahana Cinta Momozen Prototype

As TRAVELs could see, when the Ferris Wheel is done, it will look like this.



What You Can Do at The Ferris Wheel & Surrounding?

1. Book a Couple Gondola, say “I Love You” , Purpose , or anything romantic to your beloved ones.


love you


Yes, TRAVELs could book a couple gondola if TRAVELs want to express your love, purpose your girl/boyfriend, or say other important things. This Gondola is not just for young lovers. For example if TRAVELs have already been married for 50 years, why not expressing your love again on the sky?


2. Book a VIP Gondola, enjoy the view with family.


vip gondola


If TRAVELs want a quality time with family but don’t have time going out of town, then simply book the VIP Gondola and enjoy the view.


3. Lock your love with the “Love Lock”.

There will be a special place where couples could buy a lock, sign their name on it, then lock it and throw the key away, so there love will be eternal.


4. Buy a ticket and enjoy the ride with the other passengers.

If TRAVELs are fine riding with other passengers, or maybe you are visiting Wahana Cinta all by yourself, TRAVELs could enjoy the ride with other passengers. It only load maximum 6 passengers on each Gondola, so it will be fine and not packed.


5. Enjoying the Grab & Go Food at The Cafe.

There will be 4 different tenants who offers F&B that TRAVELs could bring inside the Gondola. The tenats consist of Ice Cream Tenants, Sweets Tenants, Grab&Go Tenants and Beverages Tenants. Two of their recommended menus are the Grab & Go Food.

– Shawarma (Kebab)


chicken kebab


TRAVELs could choose between chicken and beef. Taste good and they’re using the freshest ingredients!

– Brazilian Chicken Wings


chicken wing


TRAVELs could taste a hint of honey, and the chicken is tender enough. Eventhough it’s a bit complicated to eat it because TRAVELs need to eat with hand, but still enjoyable!


The Ferris Wheel Capacity, Time & Entrance Fee

Now that TRAVELs already look at the prototype, know what TRAVELs could do there, then TRAVELs must be wondering how much the entrance fee is, how long is the ride, and how many Gondolas available?

Entrance Fee Ticket

Single Entrance Fee = IDR 50,000 (1 Gondola with the other passengers, in total 6 persons)

Couple Entrance Fee = IDR 160,000 (1 Gondola 2 persons only)

VIP / Family Entrance Fee = IDR 350,000 (1 Gondola 6 persons, exclusive)

There will be 32 Gondolas with air conditioner where each of them could load 6 passengers. 6 of the Gondolas are designed special for VIP / Couple.

1 round will be around 15 minutes. If TRAVELs book a Couple Gondola, for example for expressing your love or others, then TRAVELs could have 30 minutes (2 rounds).


Overall, IBornToTravel just can’t wait to attend the Grand Opening and be the first one to try the Wahana Cinta Momozen. It will be nice to view Jakarta from up above! Looking forward to it, save the date TRAVELs! On September 2017!

(IBornToTravel join the press-con on 28th February 2017)


Grand Opening soon on September 2017

Jakarta Garden City, Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing

Jakarta Timur


Thanks, reader(s)!

[Megan Faustine]