Bromo Mountain: Catching Sunrise!

Last week I had a chance to visit Bromo Mountain that is located in East Java (intersection between Probolinggo, Pasuaran, Lumajang and Malang), the one and only Mountain with Sea of Sand. It was so much fun!! You should also visit Bromo :))


From Surabaya / Malang area, you can rent a car + the driver to escort you to Bromo Mountain.
After entering the Bromo area, you will see a lot of jeep start from the bottom until the top, near the parking lot. Be smart in hiring the jeep there peeps! 
If you ask: is it possible not to hire a jeep? 
Well, unfortunately not. You must hire a jeep to go around Bromo Area. 
But, if you’re travelling alone, maybe you can hire a motorcycle + the driver instead a jeep.
Kindly ask the citizens there to help you make the decision. 
Remember one thing guys, you can’t walk on foot, okay? 🙂

Beautiful view near the crater

Time to go:

For you who wants to see the sunrise on Bromo, then you should leave from 00.00 / 12a.m in the morning from Surabaya / Malang. Then, you will arrive at Bromo aruond 2 – 3 a.m, hire a jeep.
From hiring the jeep to the sunrise location, you will need approx. 40 minutes.
Then, you need to search for the best location and wait until the sunrise begin at around 5 a.m.

Else, you also can have one night stay in Bromo homestay (there are plenty there) starting from evening. So you only need to get up early at 3 a.m to go to the sunrise area.

For those who doesn’t want to see the sunrise, you can go there whatever time you want. My suggestion is to go there in the morning, since the weather will be super hot in the afternoon.

Before walking to the crater

What you can enjoy in Bromo Mountain:

1. Sunrise (Penanjakan ke Matahari Terbit)

This is one thing that you wouldn’t and should’nt miss in Bromo! A lot of local and foreign tourist go to Bromo to enjoy the Sunrise. Sunrise in Bromo is indeed exceptionally beautiful and magnificent! After the sunrise, you can also see the mountain near it that is surrounded by clouds and fogs, make it become really beautiful!
How to reach here: The jeep driver will escort you until the bottom of the “Penanjakan” from there, you need to walk approx. 10 minutes to reach the sunrise waiting area. 
Best time to see sunrise:
I suggest you go here in Summer to make sure that you will get the sunrise. Because in Rainy season like this, the fog usually cover the sun, so you can’t see anything at all. (This is what happen to me last week :(( Yes, I can’t see the sunrise because it’s covered by fog :(( ) 

This is around 3 a.m
Yes, the sun is block by the fog 😦

2. The Crater (Kawah)

The jeep driver will only escort you until the horse area.
To reach the crater, you have 2 options, walk on foot or using a horse.
– Horse
You need to pay certain amount of money to the horse owner, and he will guide you until near the 300 stairs to reach the crater. It will be very easy and you won’t get tired if you hire a horse.
– Walk on foot 
If you walk on foot, it is quite a long way to go and there will be a lot, A LOT of horse poo there! 
What did I choose?
Well, my friends and I choose to walk on foot! Yes, we made it until the top!!! *Really proud*

We reach the top!!
Yes, we walk start from the very bottom until the top!

The Crater

3. Savannah

From the crater, the jeep driver will bring you to savannah.
Savannah is basically a small valley / hill / mountain, and you can take photos here. 
Best time to go here: On rainy season, because the hill will become very green and it’s really good. In summer time, it gets dry and the color is not that good.

4. Sea of Sand

The last place is the sea of sand. Actually, there’s nothing here, you can only see sand. That’s it. 
But then, you can take a lot of cool photos here! For example using the jeep, or maybe anything else. Be creative 😉

Behind the scene of jumping photo, Hahaha!

What to Prepare:

1. Sweater, Coat, anything warm
If you plan to see the sunrise, then you need to prepare everything that can keep you warm. The weather in Bromo Mountain is extremely cold in the evening – morning, and it can reach 0 degree celcius. Do not underestimate the weather there guys! Because a lot of people have underestimate it and they can’t stand the cold weather. 
What I wear there : T-shirt, Sweater, Coat, Scarf, Earmuff, wool legging, thick socks, and shoes.
For you who doesn’t want to see the sunrise, then you don’t need to prepare anything. Just wear a regular clothes since the weather will be hot and normal in the morning – afternoon. 

Sorry for the blur image. So yes, this is what we wear!

2. Mask 
You will see the crater (Indonesia: Kawah) in Bromo Area, and it contains the smell of sulfur. 
That is why, it’s best for you to wear mask. 

3. Glasses
Besides using it to look cooler, glasses can be very useful to guide your eye from all the sand there. Especially when there is a wind, your eyes can get very dry and a lot of sand will go into your eyes. It’s better to use glasses 🙂

4. Any other thing that you need
You might want to bring water and some snack, since the complete Bromo tour using the jeep lasts for about 6 hours (Starting from sunrise at 3 a.m until 9 a.m going to Crater, Savannah, and Sea of Sand). You can’t go back to your car until the tour is finished.

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Suroboyo Carnival Night Market : More than I expected!

I’m going to post this with 2 languages : Javanese (Bahasa Jawa) & English!
Why is that? I’m inspired by Suroboyo Carnival Night Market itself! hahahaha

Aku bakalan ngepost tulisan iki nggawe 2 bahasa, Jowoan karo Inggrisan.
Lo kok ngono? Iyo, dapet idene dari Suroboyo Carnival Night Market iki dewe lho!

Suroboyo Carnival Night Market (SCNM) is finally open! *big applause*
Although there are still a lot of issues going on in the opening of SCNM, like the permission of the land, and also the opening of SCNM itself, Surabaya people are very happy because they have another recreation destination beside malls, Taman Hiburan Remaja (THR), and other usual destination.
Before SCNM open, if Surabaya people want to go to a carnival / night market, they must go outside city to Batu where Jatim Park and Batu Night Spectacular are located.

Akhire rek, Suroboyo Carnival Night Market (SCNM) wes buka! *tepuk tangan!*
Meskipun sek akeh isu-isu tentang SCNM iki, tapi wong Surabaya podo seneng soale mereka ada tempat rekreasi lain timbange mall, THR, dan tempat-tempat sing wes biasa liyane.
Sebelum ada SCNM, wong Surabaya lek mau pergi koyok ngene’an, mesti pergi keluar kota, contohe Batu, disana onok Jatim Park ambek BNS.

Near the SCNM Entrance
Let’s get into the tickets and stuffs, since you all must be curious!
Ticket Price : IDR 25,000 ( you need to buy tickets every time you want to enjoy a ride )
VIP Ticket : IDR 150,000 ( you didn’t need to buy another ticket to enjoy all of the ride )

My suggestions:
If you really want to play hard inside, then I suggest you bought the VIP ticket, it will be much more beneficial for you.
If you only want to look around and really choose what you want to ride, then just buy the regular ticket.

Yok mbahas harga tikete, kon pasti penasaran to?
Tiket biasa : IDR 25,000 (kon jek perlu tuku tiket maneh lek mau mainan di dalem)
Tiket Terusan : IDR 150,000 (luwih larang, tapi gak usah tuku tiket maneh nang dalem)
Lek kon memang mainan tok isine, wes tukuo tiket terusan ae.
Lek kon ndelok” tok gak akeh maene, wes tukuo tiket biasa ae.

What SCNM have :
1. Night market, which is for me, not really worth to look at because they only sell regular stuffs.
2. Food stalls. There are 3 sections of food stall (in front, near the Ferris Wheel, and near Kids Kingdom)
3. Rides (lots of them on the back after the Ferris Wheel)
4. Cinema (360 and 4D)
5. Car exhibition (like old cars and stuffs)
6. Kids Kingdom (this is special for kids, there are entrance fee, but for parents are free!)

Onok opo ae sih nang SCNM iku?
1. Pasar malem, tapi bagiku sih gak spiro apik yo, soale barange yo ngono-ngono ae.
2. Panganan sama jajanan. Uakeh wes piliane. Ada 3 bagian (nang depan, cedek’e bianglala, karo cedek’e dunia anak)
3. Games mainan (golek’ono cedek’e bianglala wes)
4. Bioskop 
5. Pameran mobil antik
6. Dunia Anak

In front of merry go round

The question, what about me?
Well, I arrived at 5.30 p.m here, and I bought the Regular Ticket (IDR 25,000), so I need to buy another ticket each time I want to enjoy a ride, and this is what I visited:
1. Galeri Suroboyo (FREE, well everybody loves it right?)
You can see lots of Surabaya history, traditional places, maps, traditional clothes, and even Surabaya traditional food! (in the form of replica, not a real food)

Lah terus, aku dulinan opo ae?
Ngene, aku sampe kono jam setengah 6, terus aku tuku tiket sing biasa IDR 25,000. 
Iki lho daftar sing aku pergi:
1. Galeri Suroboyo (Gratis iki rek!)
Nang kene, kon iso liat sejarah-sejarah’e Surbaya, sampek makanan tradisional yo onok, tapi dalam bentuk replika, bukan panganan sungguan

2. Wax Museum (IDR 25,000)
It’s like Madame Tussauds and Trick Art Museum.
MUST VISIT! You’ll spend hours here, believe me cause I do!
I spent around 2 hours just in here, and at that time there are no people except the 8 of us because it’s Wednesday. Imagine if there are lots of people here, maybe you’ll need more time here!
Here’s a picture of my friends and I at Wax Museum. Well we took lots lots of photos but I’m not uploading every photos here, hahaha!

2. Wax Museum (IDR 25,000)
Iki koyok madame tussauds ambe trick art museum nang luar negeri.
Mesti masuk kene, wes percoyo’o aku!
Kon pasti butuh waktu uakeh nang kene. Aku ae 2 jam lebih nang kene, wes gitu ga ada orang blas, cuma ada kita tok ber-8. Bayangno lek orange akeh, pasti butuh waktu lebih lama maneh!
Iki loh contoh fotone, tapi gak kabeh tak upload nang kene yo rek.

Wohoo i’m Flying!!

One of crazy poses inside Trick Art & Wax Museum

3. Laser War (IDR 30,000)
You can battle with your friends here, at that time I play with 12 people inside and I think it can accept more than that.
It’s really fun!

3. Laser War (IDR 30,000)
Iki main perang-perangan. Seru sih, wes gitu muat akeh orang. Pas iku aku maine total 12 orang.

4. Bioskop 4D (IDR 15,000)
Like a regular 4D cinema, you can enjoy the ride and it feels real, hahaha!

4. Bioskop 4D
Koyok bioskop 4D biasane, kon duduk terus nggawe kacamata, koyok sungguan, hahaha!

5. I forgot the name, it’s the one like Kicir-Kicir (IDR 15,000)
My head is totally spinning! But it’s fun!

5. Lali namane aku, tapi sing mainan muter” iku (IDR 15,000)
Tenanan, pusing! Tapi seruuu!

Yes, I only tried 5 things and go home at 11.30 p.m. Actually I still want to ride lots of things, but the time is not enough! *cries hard* I think one time visit won’t be enough.

Yowes, cm 5 mainan iku tok, terus mulih jam setengah 12 malem. Benere jek pengen main-main maneh, tapi waktune gak cukup! *Nuangis* Sekali pergi gak cukup iki, mesti mbalek maneh.

One of the show inside Surabaya Carnival Night Market

Well, have you visited Suroboyo Carnival Night Market?
Make sure you do, especially if you’re Surabaya people!

Nah rek, wes mampir SCNM durung?
Ayok pergi wes, apalagi kon wong Suroboyo, mesti pergi rek!

Yes, we’re totally having fun here!

Suroboyo Carnival Night Market 
Open/End : 4 p.m – 12 a.m 
Jl. A Yani 333 Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Telephone : +62-31-8433232
Fax : +62-31-843-3232
Email :
(as on 21 August 2014, it’s still under construction)

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Saung Angklung Udjo Bandung, Watch and Learn How To Play Angklung, Live From Stage


Indonesia = Diversity.
Explain further, I can say that Indonesia has so many cultures, traditions, languages, ethnics, religions, traditional dances, and not to forget, traditional musics.

If I’m not mistaken, Indonesia is very famous for its traditional instrument and also music, which is Gamelan (Google it for more details) overseas.
You only know Gamelan? Well, you definitely don’t know anything about Indonesia traditional music!

Angklung, the instrument that I’m going to blog about right now, is also one of the famous traditional music here in Indonesia. I even joint an Angklung orchestra when I was in primary school, haha!

Located in West Java – Indonesia, Bandung is one of the best places to watch Angklung music show, Live from the stage!

Established in 1966, Saung Angklung Udjo hope that they can bring Angklung as a beautiful traditional music and art proudly from Indonesia.
It’s located in the middle of the citizen’s house, and you can ask people around to guide you into this location. There’s also a sign along the way so you won’t get lost.

When you arrived here, you’ll found out that there are so many people, especially foreigners that queue to get the ticket. They all want to watch the show!

Ticket Price : IDR 60,000 – 100,000 (as of August 2014)
Show : 3 p.m – 4.30 p.m
See the website for more details (information below)

If you come at a regular day (non-holiday) you can watch and also learn how to make Angklung.
(contact them for further information, because I don’t really know about this since I didn’t watch it)
Unfortunately for me, I came during Eid Mubarak Holiday, so I can only watch their Angklung show.

Trust me, the tickets is really affordable and you get more than you paid – really! –

After you bought the ticket, you’ll get :
1. Synopsis to guide you along the show (There are Bahasa Indonesia & English version)
2. Welcome drink
3. Angklung necklace as your entrance ticket and also souvenir.

Quickly get a seat, because you definitely want a nice spot!

There are 9 sections of the show:
1. Wayang Golek Demonstration
Wayang Golek is also one of traditional wood-doll show from Sunda, which usually being held on a traditional ceremony

2. Helaran
This is played during a traditional ceremony usually for khitanan, to cheer up the boy who’s going to be “Khitan” and to praise the Lord for the life.

3. Traditional Dance
There are 2 : Tari Topeng (Mask Dance) and Tari Merak (Peacock Dance)

4. Mini Angklung
Played by kids, this mini angklung show will make you sing together with the whole audience!

5. Arumba

This instrument is made from Bamboo and just listened to how beautiful it is!

6. Padaeng Angklung
You’ll realised that playing Angklung is not just a traditional music, you can play the international music with Angklung!

7. Play Angklung Together
This is my favourite part!! Saung Angklung Udjo’s owner will teach us how to play basic Angklung and then we will create harmony together.
Unbelievable, but yes, at that time the whole audience made it!
It was really beautiful!

8. Angklung Orchestra
It’s a combination between traditional music and modern music (guitar, drum)

9. Dancing Together
To close the show, all the Angklung players will come up and ask you to dance on the floor. Yes, we’ll have fun at the end of the show!

I don’t want to show the whole thing, but here’s a short clip about Angklung Orchestra just for you!
COPYRIGHT : Angklung Saung Udjo
Video is taken by Megan Faustine

**BornToBite visit Saung Angklung Udjo on August 2014

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Saung Angklung Udjo
Jl. Padasuka 118, Bandung 40192 West Java – Indonesia
Phone : +62-22-727-1714 , +62-22-710-1736
Fax +62-22-720-1587
Email :

Yogyakarta : The Beauty of Goa Pindul “Pindul Cave”

I’m going to make this post into 2 languages : Indonesia and English.

Gw akan membuat post ini dalam 2 bahasa, yaitu Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris.

Yes! It’s all about Indonesia again! Love Indonesia XOXO
Now, I’m going to travel to Center Java, more precisely, Yogyakarta! Who’s with me? *Hands up*

Betul! Post ini akan membahas tentang Indonesia! Gw cinta Indonesia XOXO
Yuk jalan-jalan ke Jawa Tengah, lebih tepatnya sih kota Yogyakarta. Siapa ikut? *Angkat ketiak tangan*

In the middle of nowhere, outside Yogyakarta city, there’s a very beautiful place to see, which is Goa Pindul (Pindul Cave, in English). A lot of Indonesian people doesn’t know this place exist – believe me. As people start to visit this place, I believe it’s getting more popular these days, especially when there are holidays. Because I love nature, and so does my family, we decided to visit this place 🙂

Diluar sibuknya (bener ga sih?) kota Yogyakarta, ada tempat yang bagus banget dan masih jarang diketahui orang Indonesia, yaitu Goa Pindul. 
Karena semakin banyak nih orang yang mengunjungi tempat ini, gw yakin tempat ini bakalan nge-hits soon enough, apalagi pas liburan. Gw ama kluarga emang suka dengan alam dan sejenisnya, so kita pergi deh ke tempat ini. 

Goa Pindul is divided into 3 different developer / owner. I think it’s just the same, but anyway, I choose the “Wirawisata” one. The entrance fee to Goa Pindul is vary. There are some packages, because the attraction in not only seeing the Goa Pindul itself, but there are also others, such as rafting. I choose “Goa Pindul Cave + Rafting” plus we hire 1 photographer to take our whole journey along the way. If you don’t want to miss this moment, I recommend you to hire 1 too, since the price is affordable and worth it. 

Goa Pindul ini dibagi 3 kubu, karena beda-beda yang punya. Tapi menurut gw sama aja sih, gw ambil yang namanya “Wirawisata”. Harga masuk di Goa Pindul ini ada berbagai jenis, tergantung kebutuhan aja. Ada atraksi” lain, jadi gak cm lihat goa doang. Gw ngambil paket Goa + Arung jeram. Gak itu aja, gw juga sewa 1 fotografer buat mengabadikan momen gw sepanjang jalan *cieh*. Kalau lu narsis, atau apapun itu sebutannya, gw saranin untuk sewa 1 fotografer, harganya masih terjangkau dan gw jamin sepadan banget deh. 

Okay let’s just get into the interesting part, photos and the journey! I’ll explain along the way what you’ll experience during the journey *Blink*

Ok langsung aja masuk ke bagian yang menariknya, foto dan perjalanan gw! Gw bakal jelasin tentang seluruh perjalanan gw disini.

To get into the place, first you need to carry our own tire float on our own, and then walk through some trail.

Untuk sampai ke tempat wisata, pertama kita perlu bawa ban pelampung, lalu kita jalan di jalanan yang sudah diatur sama pihak Wirawisata.

After you walk for a while, and then you will arrive at this place (shown below) it’s where you’ll board your tire float, and then get into the cave. The adventure starts here!! See my caption for more information, okay? 😉 see you outside the cave!!

Setelah jalan beberapa saat, lu bakalan sampai di tempat ini (lihat gambar bawah). Nah ditempat inilah lu bakalan naik ke ban pelampung, dan darisinilah petualangan kita dimulai! Lihat aja caption gambar gw dibawah yaa setelah ini. See you outside! 

Taking a picture before entering the cave

Near the entrance of Goa Pindul

Inside the cave. Oh my, why are you so serious? Hahahaha

There are a lot of bats who live inside the cave. You can see it inside, just look up!

Yes this place is truly amazing!

There’s this super big stalactite!

This is what famous in Goa Pindul. The “Sunshine from Heaven”

How adorable! Right?

Yes we’re having fun and we already out from the cave! Hello there again! 😀
From Goa Pindul, we will need to carry our tire float again, and we’ll also ride a truck to go to the rafting area. Let’s goo!!

Dari goa pindul, kita bakalan bawa ban pelampung kita lagi, trus kita juga naik truk untuk ke lokasi arung jeram. Iya, kita naik truk kayak sapi-sapi gitu … hahaha! Tapi beneran fun!

Hello from the truck!


What a beautiful view around us!

Rafting started! Ew I don’t want to get stuck! Hahaha

Beautiful rock! God is so artistic!
After you enjoy the view, the guide will ask you to stop and then offer you whether you want to jump or not. There are two kind of jumps, first is only the short jump (3-4meter), and the second one is the high jump (i don’t know, maybe it’s about 8-10 meter high?). Of course, my brother, sister, and I try both! It’s scary though, but it’s worth the experience! Dare enough? 😉

Setelah kita menikmati pemandangan disekitar, nanti guide lu bakalan nanyain “mau lompat nggak” eits yang bener aja mas, gw blm mau bunuh diri kale! Hahahaha, maafkan kejayusan gw yes. Jelas nggak dong. Nanti ada dua jenis loncatan, yang pertama loncat pendek aja, dan kedua loncatan tinggi (8-10meter). Tentu saja gw dan sodara” gw semua mencoba loncatan itu. Gw akuin, serem bo! Terutama yang loncatan tinggi itu tuh. Tapi sekali seumur idup ini! Berani coba? 😉

The short jump

The high jump

The High jump

Finally the water!!

After the jump. It’s lovely, right?

Yes you can also experience this!
We’re already near the exit

One last pic! Tired but super fun!
Unfortunately, our journey ends here 😦 
Goa Pindul, you give us unforgettable experience!
Is this enough to add Indonesia, Yogyakarta to your travel list? Definitely, right? hahaha
See you in another trip!

Sayangnya, perjalanan kita sudah selesai sampai disini. 
Bener-bener pengalaman yang nggak bisa gw lupakan!
Post ini cukup untuk menambah list travelling lu kan? Hahaha 
See you !

Thanks, reader(s)!

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Japan – Day 10 : Shibuya (Hachiko Statue), Doraemon Museum, Cirque Du Soleil – See you Japan!!

Today is our last trip in Japan, and tomorrow we’ll fly back to Indonesia 😦
After we pack our bags, we check out from the hotel, but we still put our luggage in the storage room. We’ll pick up our luggage later on.
The first thing that we’ll visit is Shibuya!
To Shibuya : JR Yamanote Line ( Green Line ) to Shibuya Station
Visiting Japan isn’t complete without a picture with Hachiko, the very famous dog statue that is located in Shibuya. 
Hachiko is a very loyal dog, there’re some film about Hachiko, and I always cry when I watch Hachiko movie. It’s very sad, really. 
So yeah, I finally can meet Hachiko statue in person! 
With Hachiko
Shibuya is also famous for its what so called “Shibuya Crossing”. 
It’s located beside the Hachiko Statue.
Shibuya Crossing has five main intersections, and there’s time when the traffic lights will turn all green, and bunch of people will cross around the road. 
There are lots of photographers waiting for the traffic light turns green and take pictures from the top of the building next to Shibuya Crossing. 
Unfortunately, because I go here around 10 a.m in the morning, the crowd is not that crowded. 
Shibuya crossing view
At Shibuya Crossing
Catch a cute Domo Bus!
After eating our last lunch in Japan, which is a Hamburger Steak, we go to Doraemon Museum. 
Our last lunch in Japan 😦
To buy Doraemon Museum Ticket : A lot of people said that you need to book the ticket 30 days before your visit (maybe this happens if there’s a special event / occasion), but in usual days, actually you only need to go to Lawson 2 Days before your visit to the museum. Else, you can bought the ticket through the internet. Admission Fee : 1,000 Yen 
To Doraemon Museum : JR Yamanote Line ( Green line) to Shinagawa Station. From Shinagawa Station, Transfer to the Blue Line for Musahi Kosugi. From Musahi Kosugi, transfer to the Yellow Line to Noborito Station. From Noborito Station, go down to the shuttle bus service for Doraemon Museum. 
Note : the shuttle bus is not for free.
Doraemon Museum Shuttle Bus
Doraemon museum is really crowded, and our schedule to enter is at 12 p.m, we arrived just on time!
Sorry, in some places like the museum, no photos allowed.
Inside Doraemon museum, again, we meet some Indonesian that come from Bandung. 
Yeah, we realised that Indonesian people are all over Japan. Everytime we go to one place, there must be at least one Indonesian people, hahaha. 
You can found the memory bread, dorayaki, and all the cute doraemon stuffs inside! 
My personal opinion about Doraemon Museum, well, is not as cute as I am expected. 
In my imagination, I can touch and feel lots of Doraemon stuffs, but it’s not like that. 
Overall, it’s okay though, I still can know how Doraemon Museum looks like! 
At 2 p.m, we got back to our hotel because we need to pick up our luggage. 
Inside Doraemon Museum
Reminds me of childhood memory!

With Dorami!
The Reading Hall
Do you remember how Nobita always being tortured by Giant near this pipes? Hahahaha
To Shin-Okubo : Go back to Shinagawa Station ( follow the route backwards ), at the Shinagawa, we eat Soba for lunch – we eat while standing!! – after that, we bought some Tokyo Banana (Refer to my post here for more information ) and then take the JR Yamanote Line to Shin Okubo.
We rush to our hotel to pick up our luggage, and we directly go to Odaiba to catch our show on 6 p.m. It’s already 5 o’clock right now!! 
To Odaiba : Go back to Shinagawa Station (follow the route backwards), transfer to Rinkai Line to the Tokyo Teleport.
We arrived 20 minutes late from the schedule 😦 
I can’t blame anyone because the time is too tight and we also carrying our huge baggage around. It’s also time consuming for us. We go inside and start to enjoy the show.
Sorry, there are no single photo allowed during the show, so I didn’t take any picture at all.
I can say that it’s really worth it!! 
The show is really amazing, I am really speechless to see their techniques. 
It’s a must watch show once in your lifetime, for sure !!
Now, we must rush again to catch the last train to Keisei, the location of our last hotel!
Unforgettable circus show from Cirque du Soleil!
Our last picture in Japan after watching the show!
Bought a souvenir
To Keisei Narita : Back to Shinagawa Station ( follow the route backwards ). From Shinagawa, go to Nippori Station (Still in the green line). From Nippori, transfer to Keisei Narita Line ( the blue one, and it’s not JR ). The last train is at 23.50 p.m, and we arrived JUST on time for the last train . . . 
It took about 1 hour to Keisei, because it’s located near the Narita Airport. 
The five of us fell asleep inside the train, we’re like lost kids with huge luggage and without any parents. The Japanese people is really nice, there’s even a lady who wants to stop the train just because she thinks that we forget to get off from the train, hahaha! 
Around 2 a.m in the morning we finally arrived at Keisei. Thank God, when I asked the MRT officer, our hotel ( APA Hotel Keisei Narita ) is located just beside the MRT station. Horray!!
At the hotel, I pick up my luggage that has been sent here two days ago, and also check in. There’s a bit misunderstanding at the first time, but well, it doesn’t really matter. We’re just really tired and need some rest !! 
We didn’t get so much rest because we need to wake up at 5 a.m, take the free shuttle bus from APA Hotel to Narita Airport at 6 a.m. Our flight is at 9.30 a.m 
Ah, how sad I am to leave Japan… there are still so many places to go…
Thank you Japan!! You light up my life!
I’ll make sure that someday I’ll go back again to Japan 🙂

Ups… I think I have an overloaded baggage!! 


Thanks, reader(s)!

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Japan – Day 9 : Meiji Shrine, Odaiba

Rise and shine!!
This is the second day of our extension trip 😉

Our schedule today is to go to Meiji Shrine, which is located in Harajuku !

To Harajuku : 

Take the JR Yamanote Line (Green Line) to Harajuku

Before we go to Meiji Shrine, we eat breakfast at Yoshinoya (yes, our favourite restaurant in Japan) 
After that, we go to Meiji Shrine.
Basically Meiji Shrine is like a temple that is located far away inside the woods. 
You won’t feel like it’s in Harajuku, because you’ll be surrounded by woods just like in the forest, and also the path is not paved, it’s still full of tiny little rocks. 

A little hint : I saw some people bow before and after entering Meiji Shrine, so I also follow them by bowing near the Shrine’s gate. 

If I can compare Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple, and Fushimi Inari Shrine, they all have their own beauty. Fushimi with its 1000 gates, Asakusa Temple with the crowds and the big red lantern, and Meiji Shrine with its Forest Like atmosphere. 

Let’s look around Meiji Shrine, shall we ? 😉

Meiji Shrine Entrance. You can bow right in front of the entrance.
Along the way to Meiji Shrine
Path to Meiji Shrine. Really goes back to nature, isn’t it?
Meiji Shrine
It’s called the hanging wishes
Gate inside Meiji Shrine

From Meiji Shrine, because I want to buy earphones, we go to Daiso. Yeah, guess what? You can get a good quality earphone just for 108 yen! Super cheap, isn’t it? 
Because Takeshita Dori is not that crowded compared to the other day, I got a chance to take a picture of the Daiso.

This is what Daiso Looks like!

After that, we try the Takeshita Dori Crepes. Yes, actually Takeshita Dori is very famous for their crepes, but because on the other day we’re limited by the time and the queue is too long, we don’t get a chance to try the Crepes.
That’s why we want to try it today! No wonder, it tastes really delicious ! 
Crepes price : around 500 – 700 yen each.
Location of the crepes store : On the right side of Takeshita Dori entrance. Actually you can found another crepes store along the way, but because this one is the nearest, that’s why I only tried this one. 

The Crepes!
This is how the store looks like it also has display on the left side.
From Takeshita Dori, we go to Odaiba.
Odaiba is a man-made island in Japan, and it’s located pretty far from the city. 

To Odaiba : 

JR Yamanote Line ( Green Line) to Shinagawa. From Shinagawa, Transfer to Rinkai Line (Blue Line) for the Tokyo Teleport destination.
It takes about 1 hour from Harajuku to Odaiba via MRT.

The train to Odaiba is not that full, I can say that it’s really empty that day. Maybe because it’s still in the afternoon, and people is still working. That’s why I can take some photos inside the train, hahaha!

Feels like I booked the entire MRT !

At Odaiba, first we go to the Ferris Wheel to take a photo. 
Surprisingly, at the Ferris Wheel we meet some Dubai photographers and reporters that are from Dubai local station for kids. They’re really nice and we take a picture together !

With the Dubai reporter!

Beautiful flowers in Odaiba
From the Ferris Wheel, we also go to take photos at Tokyo Big Site.
Unfortunately, seems like we’ve miss understand the location – and also the shape – of the Tokyo Big Site. When we focused taking photos of what we taught was the Tokyo Big Site, we realise that we actually are wrong. . *heads down* It’s located a bit far from what we expected. That’s why we don’t get any photos of Tokyo Big site, we only look at it from far away. It’s because our time is also limited 😦 

This is not Tokyo Big Site. Miss-understanding 😦
From there, we go to Diver City where the Gundam Statue is located. It’s really huge and tall, we met some Indonesian newlyweds there! From all the Indonesian people that we already meet so far during our Japan trip, Finally we found someone from Surabaya !! 
How happy we are to meet Surabayanese people, hahaha !

Crazy pose in front of Gundam Statue!

We found Cirque du Soleil, a circus that is known world-wide and has a very great performance, in front of Diver City. Seems that Cirque du Soleil is having a world tour, and how lucky we are to found them here! It’s like a once in a life time chance to watch Cirque du Soleil !!
That’s why we rush to them and after a very long negotiation (because we have a very tight schedule and yet we need to change hotel in the next day) we finally bought the tickets for 6 p.m show tomorrow !

After getting our ticket, because the time is already 6 p.m, we rush to the Oedo Onsen Monogatari, it’s like a Japanese public bath. The famous one for foreigner is this one. 
We are really struggling to go here, it took us about 1 hour to get here, just because we are wrong in picking our way to go to the Oedo Onsen, we’re like circling around the whole Odaiba, and it is really wasting our time 😦 
When we got to the Oedo Onsen, at that time we realised how we should go here at the first time. So here’s for you guys 🙂

To Oedo Onsen : 

Rinkai Line – Tokyo Teleport. Other option : at the Tokyo Teleport, took the free shuttle bus to Oedo Onsen (but I still don’t know the exact location of this one)

Oedo Onsen is really huge, and it’s really beautiful. Let me share a little bit what you need to do when you arrived to Oedo Onsen. Because I found it a little confusing myself, because it’s the first time for me to go there.
First : You need to store your stuffs like umbrella, shopping bags, inside the locker near the entrance door. (You can still bring your backpack / your valuable things inside).
Second : Go to the information / the cashier desk to get your bracelet tag (this is to accumulate how much you need to pay based on what you buy and the facility that you use inside) 
Third : Pick your Yukata !
Fourth : Bring your Yukata inside the changing room (boys and girls separated), where you can find another locker to store your clothes and belongings(You can still bring your gadget or your camera to the next place). Also, don’t forget to change your clothes into Yukata (you can still wear your underwear). There’s an instruction on how to wear Yukata on the wall.
Fifth : Go inside the meeting point, where you can found food courts and other facility such as massage and sleeping room ( I meet with the boys here and we ate dinner first before going to the Onsen. Must try food here : Chicken Curry! )
Sixth : If you’re ready to go to the Onsen, you can go back again to store your gadget and stuffs, after that you can go inside the Onsen (boys and girls separated), where you’ll found another locker again to store your Yukata and also your bracelet price tag, and you need to be naked here. Don’t forget to take your bracelet key locker and put it on your arms here!
Seventh : You can go inside the onsen, before that you can wash yourself near the Onsen Entrance.
Eighth : After Onsen, you can wash yourself and get ready at the make up room.

Oedo Onsen!

Oedo Onsen Entrance

In the changing room!
Really love the Yukata!!
In the food court

Us in Yukata, this is located in the food court!

Good food, good bath, leads you to good sleep 😉


Thanks, reader(s)!

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Japan – Day 8 : Ikebukuro, Asahi Archery (Otsuka), Akihabara, Roppongi (Tokyo Tower)

Today is the first day of our extension time! 
We already separated with our IBM University friends, and we will start our 3 days journey 😉 

I already send my luggage to our last hotel near Narita, using the luggage service in Toyoko Inn (I think they have a relation with some domestic carrier in Tokyo)
You can ask your hotel whether they have a luggage service or not.

To send your luggage :

You only need to fill a form (see picture below) and give it to the hotel information, and you pay the delivery fee (about 1,400 yen, depends on your luggage weight and size). Done! Your luggage will be delivered and arrived at your written destination in 1 – 2 days (if it’s in the same city)

This is the form looks like
Why I need to send my luggage?
First, because I have a very big 20kgs luggage that it’s so heavy. 
Second, it’s because I need to travel using MRT each time I change hotel ( I’ll be changing hotel 2 times) so it will be very troublesome for me if I bring my luggage.

After checking out from the hotel, we go to Shin-Okubo to check in to Best Hotel 
ShinOkubo is a location where Korean people live in Japan, so that’s why Best Hotel is owned by Korean people, and they’re really nice ! 
The location is only 3 minutes from the station, so it’s very beneficial.
It’s so affordable yet has a clean room and bathroom 🙂

To Shin-Okubo : 

Take JR Yamanote (Green line) from Shinagawa to Shin-Okubo Station 

After putting our luggage inside our room, we directly go out again because we don’t want to waste our time in the hotel. 
Our next stop is to Ikebukuro.

To Ikebukuro : 

Take JR Yamanote (Green line) from ShinOkubo to Ikebukuro

Our first destination for today is to eat ice cream at Milky Way Cafe.
It’s located near Ikebukuro station, so you just need to go out from Ikebukuro station, turn left, go straight and look up near the intersection of the road. The location of Milky Way Cafe is on the second floor.

Basically, Milky Way Cafe offers you a very comfortable place to chill. From Milky Way Cafe, you can look your surroundings through the mirror.
They only sell ice cream – a very delicious and super big one – that you should try ! 
They also provide a zodiac horoscope, but it’s in Japanese, so I can’t read it…

By the way, let’s enjoy the ice cream and the view ! 😉

The zodiac, but I can’t read it

Milky Way Cafe interior

The view from Milky Way Cafe
Me with my ice cream
The cute display in front of Milky Way Cafe

From Milky Way Cafe, we go to Otsuka by foot, because my friend Billy wants to buy an arc and also the arrow. 
By the way, along the way to Otsuka, we found some SEGA shop. It’s like a game shop in Japan, you can found it everywhere, but well, I want to show it to you what it is like 🙂

SEGA, you can found it everywhere !
I don’t really pay attention while Billy is talking with the shop keeper, instead I chit chat with my friends.
It’s really time consuming though, because we spend for a total 3 hours inside the shop, and Thank God Billy finally found the right arc for him. 

The archer shop

Around 5 p.m, we go out from the shop, and it’s raining outside. 
Because I didn’t bring an umbrella, and I also want to buy the transparent umbrella that’s Japanese people usually has, I stop by at the nearest supermarket and buy one transparent umbrella. 
Okay then, rain doesn’t matter anymore, let’s go to Akihabara !

To Akihabara : 

Take JR Yamanote (Green line) from Otsuka Station to Akihabara

Akihabara is basically the centre of Anime / Manga. You can found all types of anime, manga, figures, games, and stuffs like that in Akihabara. Just go around Akihabara to look around 😉

When you already out from the Akihabara Station, you’ll directly see AKB48 Cafe and also Gundam Cafe. AKB48 cafe is really crowded, even the people willing to queue while it’s raining. 

Actually, we want to try Home Cafe, where you can found the waiters dress in a cute cosplay costume. Unfortunately, Home Cafe is closed at 5 p.m :(( 
So yeah, we didn’t have a chance to eat there 😦 
How to find Home Cafe ? Just go to Akihabara, and you’ll see a big board that will guide you to the Home Cafe. 

This is Akihabara 🙂
Anime car !!

Relax, we’re not hopeless just yet ! We go to the Cat Cafe named “Neko Jalala” near Akihabara.
In cat cafe, you can have a cup of tea or some drinks while you’re playing with the cat, or you can take photos with the cat. 

Well, honestly I can say that it’s actually cute, but the cat inside is not playful at all. The cats are really arrogant, and if you didn’t bring any food or you’re not the shop keeper, they won’t come to you. Even some of the cats is sleeping . . .
The worst thing is that, I can’t even hold the cat because it’s always jumping when I hold her 😦 

The drinks, the glass is really cute, isn’t it?

But, well yeah, you need to try to go here !
Neko Jalala Cat Cafe Akihabara : Entrance fee : 30 mins = around 500 yen, drinks = around 500 yen. Each person needs to order 1 drink.

From Cat Cafe, we ate dinner at a small restaurant. As I told you in my previous posts, that even small restaurant use machine. 
This restaurant is very unique though, it has a lot of graffiti on the wall.
We left some graffiti too, hahaha !

This is our graffiti 😉

Our last destination today is Tokyo Tower ! It’s already 9.30 pm, so we need to rush !

To get here : 

Take JR Yamanote (Green Line) from Akihabara to Tokyo Tower, and search for the Tokyo Tower Exit. 

You need to walk for a while to reach Tokyo Tower. 
We didn’t go really near the Tokyo Tower, we only want to do a Photostop at Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower

Okay then, the first day is awesome! 

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