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Day 3 : Singapore – Full Day at Universal Studio Singapore

Hi there again sunshine!!
Yes, right now we’re moving on to Day 3 (Horray!!). Sorry I just continue this story since the last few months ago (Jan – May) are being a really rough and difficult months in my life (hahaha, I can laugh it off right now).
Okay, get back to topic!
Today we’ll be going to SENTOSA ISLAND or the UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPORE !! YAYYYY (Read this one with a very excited voice, okay? hahaha)

To get here :

1. Take MRT to HarbourFront Station, alight or exit “E” to Vivo City (it’s a mall).
2. Go to the 3rd floor to bought your Sentosa Express ticket(s).
3. Alight at “Waterfront Station”, walk straight, when there’s a “Chili Restaurant” on your right, turn right, and voila… the globe is in front of you!
After we arrived at Vivo City third floor, we directly queue to buy our ticket. Even though it looks like a long queue, it was really fast.
After the ticket is in your hand, then proceed to the gate. Here, tap your ticket like usual, then join another queue to board the Sentosa Express train.
The entrance door
Don’t worry, the signs are everywhere, in case you get confused.


Yeay! We have arrived at USS, and don’t forget to make sure you brought your ticket already, okay?
I bought this ticket through a local travel agent in Indonesia, since I want to guarantee my place in USS (if you bought it on USS, it might be sold out… well who knows right? Better prepare for the worst).
Besides, if I bought it through a local agent, I could get meal voucher SGD 5. Not bad huh?
You will need to redeemed this ticket at the ticket booth.

Can you imagine how excited I am to see this phenomenal globe?

Of course, let me take my snap here! I think this one is a must snap when you already get to Universal Studio Singapore. Well, not everyday you could go here and have fun right?
So after taking picture or – maybe – you passing by the USS globe, you’ll found the entrance to the Universal Studio Singapore. Again, the queue is super long, but it’s moving really fast. While waiting, you could also look at the map, or maybe grab a guide map and plan what games you want to try inside.

*EXCITED EXCITED EXCITED* Everything looks super perfect to me right now!

Posing with the minions at USS Stores.

Honestly, I just realized that I don’t have too many photos at the park, especially with the main attraction, arena, and stuffs. I think I’m enjoying my time too much & I really need to catch up with the time. Since USS is super crowded everyday, and the queue in every ride is SUPER DUPER long. Like, I’ve waited for the Transformers Ride for about 3 hours – yes, correct, 3 HOURS…. so yeah, you better be fast!
However, the funny thing is I do remember to capture my lunch -LOL- blame my “food blogger” behaviour – it’s in my blood – hopefully the food here could make you drool.

THE LOST WORLD – Discovery Food Court

Singaporean Laksa

Taste super good, very flavourful, and the tofu is just light and smooth. It comes with super big portion. The egg is perfectly cook, the shrimp is peeled already (easy to eat) I love everything here 🙂

Vegetarian Noodle

My mom order this one since she’s afraid that the food here is not her taste (well, her taste is kinda unique and really hard to follow, believe me. She doesn’t eat fat, intestine, or others. She eat clean.) To my surprise, taste actually great and that mushroom – delicious!

Bento box ? (sorry I forgot the name)

I know, this menu is sooo Indonesia, because it has rice on it. Taste okay, however for me it’s kinda plain. Again, the portion’s big, so still worth it.

After re-charging with big, satisfying lunch, let’s go back and play again! Finally, I found 1 picture of myself with the most challenging attractions / ride in USS : BattleStar Galactica! This ride is super scary but totally worth the queue! Too bad I only could ride the “Red” one, since the time is not enough 😦

Every girl definitely has a dream to has a palace like this! You could find this one at the “Far Far Away” land. The sky is getting dark, and I need to catch up my time because I need to watch “Wings of Time” show on 8.40 !

WINGS OF TIME (SGD 18 / pax)

To get here :

1. From USS, hop on the Sentosa Express again.
2. Alight at “Beach Station”.
3. Follow the signs to Wings of Time
Again, I want to make sure that I got the seats, so I already bought the tickets back home in Indonesia. So no need to queue to buy the tickets anymore, hehehe!
We arrived on time for the show, and we pick a very great seat – it’s located on the middle – and still have some time to relax before the show started.
I don’t take any video here, since it’s not allowed to record the show. However, I do take some snaps for you guys so you could know about Wings Of Time.
I personally think that it’s super beautiful, magnificent, and jaw dropping show. The technology they’re using,the water, the light, everything feels perfect! I think you need to watch this show when you already here. Again, experience is always priceless!
Here’s a sneak peek of the show :
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Day 2 : Singapore – St. Andrew’s & Orchard Road !

After the not so satisfying National Day experience yesterday, I woke up with a superb energy, ready to start the second day in Singapore! As for today, there’s no more free MRT, so I need to Top Up my EZ Link balance.

What is EZ Link?

For those who is travelling for the first time in Singapore, EZ Link is a transportation card. You could use this card for MRT, LRT and Bus. There are some options, like you could purchase an EZ Link like a Singaporean citizen, or you could by the Singapore Tourist Pass for 1 – 3days (unlimited travel, valid for 24 – 72 hours, one time pay). You could buy this inside the MRT station.
Singapore Tourist Pass price information :
1 Day Pass : SGD 20, Refundable SGD 10
2 Day Pass : SGD 26, Refundable SGD 10
3 Day Pass : SGD 30, Refundable SGD 10
You could refund it within 5 days of the purchase.
For more information, you could visit EZ Link website here.
Locket to buy your Singapore Tourist Pass
After top up my EZ Link card, then it’s time to begin the 2nd day journey! My first destination today is going to be St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

How to get to St. Andrew’s Cathedral :

MRT Station : City Hall (Red & Green Line) – find the download link of MRT map below.
A peek of St. Andrew’s Cathedral as you walk out from the MRT station
St. Andrew’s could be said as one of the oldest & it is the largest Cathedral in Singapore. No wonder it becomes one of the most famous tourist object in Singapore. As you walked inside the area, you’ll realize that the Colonial atmosphere is still there.
The famous St. Andrew’s Cathedral
There are lots of local and tourists that spend their time inside St. Andrew’s. No need to worry, even though you’re not Catholic but you want to know what’s inside, just walk in and look around. Remember to keep your voice down as some of the visitors are praying.
St. Andrew’s Cathedral, back side
People usually take photos only at the main area. If you walk around the church just a bit to the right, then you could also find this peaceful, classic little place to pray.
Hidden treasure that I found at the right wing of the church
(It’s to gorgeous so that’s why I re-touch it a little bit to bring out the real colour and what I felt and saw using a photo editor)
After praying and resting for a while, then I continue my trip. To my surprise, as I walk out from St. Andrew’s, turns out that the primary event of the Singapore National Day is on the City Hall. I saw some of the stage equipment are being removed and stored. There are still lots of tourists that take photos around. FYI, this place is surprisingly super HOT and the sunshine could dazzle you. Prepare sunglasses to protect your eyes.
The main stage of the National Day Event
The City Hall
If you had more time and love to visit the gallery, then you could stop by to The National Gallery of Singapore, just beside St. Andrew’s Cathedral.
The National Gallery Singapore building

My second stop for today is Orchard Road! Just say, who doesn’t love shopping? Well I bet everyone do! As it’s just one day after the National Day, there are still lots of promotions going on around the department stores and malls.

Street on Orchard Road

When I was there, I saw that there’s a shooting in progress. They interviewed random people who passed by.

Shooting in progress

Around Orchard Road, you could find the famous 1 SGD ice cream (Now it’s 1.2 SGD) which is a mandatory dessert to buy here in Orchard Road. The seller is usually an older people.

If you’re lucky, you could also watch some unique street performances.

A street performance

Now… excuse my self because I really need to go shopping!

More about St. Andrew’s Cathedral here

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Day 1 : Singapore – Arrive at Singapore (It’s National Day!)

Last August, I was travelling to Bali, Madura (two places both in Indonesia), Singapore, Johor and Malaysia. I know it’s November and it was super long before I post my whole travelling & food guide stories to you all, but hey, you could use this guide anytime – well, except the fact that Singapore 50th National Day only came once in your life time, hahaha! If some of you wondering why I’m “gone” for a while, to cut it short – I don’t want to get you bored – it’s because these few months are my life changing events & hell yeah, I am pretending to be  busy, LOL. Once again, sorry for the delay!
To begin with, I will start to post my travel & food guide around Singapore. Relax, the 4 other places will follow, promise you within this month (November) all will be uploaded in, which is this blog 😉
I arrived at Singapore around 2 p.m on 9 August 2015 (YES, IT’S THE NATIONAL DAY BABE!!), because my flight is not a direct flight. So, I need to transit for about 3 hours in Jakarta (there’s another story for this, and it’s kinda long because Surabaya – Singapore route is being hold since December last year due to some reasons, but thanks to Air Asia crew, they manage to turn my flights so that I still can go to Singapore via Jakarta *YEYY!).
When you step out from the airplane, if you’re Indonesian and you’re using Air Asia, you’ll see this signs. Just follow the “Arrival” sign until you could grab your baggage. Changi Airport is really huge, so you might watch out because you don’t want to get lost, right?
Not for long, you’ll find this sign “Welcome Terminal 1” you’re still on the right track! Don’t forget to keep follow the sign until you reach the “Arrival Immigration” on the airport.
As I walk through the Travelator, I spot something unique and beneficial for those who feel tired after your long flight. There are some foot massage facilities along the way to the Immigration. If you’re travelling with older people, it’ll be very useful. I spot an old lady enjoying the foot massage.
You’ll walk down on an escalator and spot the Terminal 1 Immigration. Take out the form that you’ve filled inside the airplane – or maybe take a new one if you lost it / haven’t take it – then start queuing. While waiting, you could grab some brochures and small guide around. I found it quiet useful, because you could get more insights about what’s going on and around Singapore.
Passed the immigration, I board the “SkyTrain” to Terminal 2, because I’ll hop on MRT to go to my hotel. If you also want to hop MRT, then follow the sign “SkyTrain”. Guess what? Because that day was the 50th National Day, you could ride the MRT FOR FREE. Yes, you read it right, FREE the whole day!
I book a hotel near Aljunied (MRT : Aljunied) area called “Chang Ziang Hotel” through with a great price. A queen bed & a single bed, for 3 persons, only IDR 700,000. You’ll have an inside bathroom, complete bathroom supplies, 3 complimentary bottled water, television, air-con, even there’s a fridge inside. Here’s the map to the hotel – super easy!
Here’s a room tour with pictures, the hotel is very clean, comfy, and homey!
The television, and other complimentary activities
The bathroom sink
The bathroom
The bed (this one is the single bed, the queen bed is twice of this size)
Air-con and fridge
After I clean myself and put all my belongings inside the hotel, because today is the National Day, I heard that the fireworks will begin on the Marina Bay Sands, on The Float area. A bit of intermezzo, here’s what Singapore’s MRT Hallway look like. (Reminds me of how happy I am to be back on Singapore again after 5 years!!).
Inside the MRT
The MRT station is super crowded because a lot of people also want to watch the Parade & the Fireworks. I’m not that lucky that day, because I heard some people said that the fireworks begin at 6 or 7 p.m, and I’m too late to search for a great spot to watch the Firework 😦
Other person and the MRT crew also told me that Marina Bay area was so full – it’s a waste of time if you go there – that’s why I switch the destination to the Esplanade. To my surprise, it was also very full – blame me because I’m not a Singaporean and didn’t know the condition –
Thankfully, there’s still a big LED screen in front of the MRT station, where I could watch the National Parade. From there I found out that yes, it’s true that the Parade passed by in the area, but the primary location of the whole National event is not located on the Marina Bay. The complete story will soon on the Singapore Day 2!
You could watch the parade through this LED Screen
You could watch the parade through this LED Screen
I don’t want to share picture only, so here’s a short video on the Parade (almost the end of it, I know *also sad* 😦 ) and also what’s on the LED Screen.
Lesson learnt : Even though you already search information on the website, it’s better to go there earlier – like really, earlier – especially on a special, once in a lifetime day like this, like taking a flight one day before, or arrived in the morning. 

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