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Batu : Paragliding at Banyak Mountain, I’m Flying Like a Hawk!!

Batu is an Indonesian language for “Stone”. It’s located on East Java Province, about 30 minutes drive from Malang, or 2 hours and 30 minutes from Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia. Even though it’s not a big city, only 190,000 people in the population, but Batu has so many interesting places to see and activities to do.
From a bunch of activities in Batu, I choose to try their Paragliding, one of the extreme sport, as the first and most wanted list that I must experience in Batu. Actually, I’ve been wanting to try Paragliding since last year, when I had my internship in Jakarta (The Paragliding activity is in Puncak, about 45mins from Jakarta) but I don’t have time 😦
The peak of Banyak Mountain, Indonesia!
That is why, when I heard that there’s also Paragliding sport in Batu, which is not far from Surabaya, I definitely must try that!!
Before departure, I already search some informations from the internet about the Paragliding activity. Well, I can sum it up for you in my post here. Your welcome !

Directions :

1. From Batu city, you need to go up hill, follow the road direction with green colour, to Songgoriti.
2. You’ll go pass Jambuluwuk resort (if you find this, then you’re still in the right direction).
3. After that, you’ll find a Cow Statue, and TURN RIGHT.
4. Becareful, because you’ll find 2 intersections, and there’s a sign of Paragliding there, and again, TURN RIGHT.
5. About 200 – 300 meters from there, there’s again another blurry sign on your right, then you must TURN LEFT.
6. The alley is a bit small, and you’ll see rice fields there. From there on, follow the sign “PARALAYANG” until you reach your destination.
The road to the Paragliding is really small, rocky, and it’s near the edge, but don’t worry, just go straight because about 300m from there you’ll arrive at your destination.
The parking area

Why is it call “Banyak” Mountain ?

The view from Banyak Mountain
I went there with one of the Paragliding Tandem Mentor, Mas Jhoni. His house is really near my homestay, that’s why I got a chance to met him, had a small talk, and then asked if he could become my mentor for the paragliding. (Yeah, so lucky, I know right!)
Anyway, Mas Jhoni ever became an athlete that represents Indonesia overseas! Really cool!
That’s why I also know why this mountain is called Banyak, because Mas Jhoni told me about it. “Banyak” is a Javanese languange for a Goose. Decades before, this mountain was sacred and there were moments when a pack of goose came there, searching for some food. As years goes by, there were none of goose left anymore.

Paragliding from the peak of Banyak Mountain!

The registration for Paragliding sport is on the right side (behind the girl with blue T-shirt)
It is about 8 a.m, and I already stand there in the peak of Banyak Mountain, ready for my flying experience! The weather is really nice and cloudy, which means the wind is friendly for the Paragliding sport.
Preparing for the Paragliding!
Approaching the edge of Banyak Mountain! WOHOOOO!!
A brief explanation and preparing my smartphone to record the whole Paragliding!
1. They’ll provide paragliding equipments and also give you a certificate.
2. If you want to take pictures, then you need to bring your smartphone / pocket camera / DSLR / Go Pro. They’ll lend you a selfie stick (not available for DSLR) to take picture while flying.
3. Don’t think about it, FLY and just enjoy the view!
Okay then, let’s FLY LIKE A HAWK!!!
It’s so much fun!!

Here’s the video when I’m flying!

Thanks, reader(s)!

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