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Wahana Cinta Momozen : Soon Will Be The Highest Ferris Wheel in Indonesia!

The East Jakarta area in Indonesia is still being developed and there are lots of construction & development there, including the ones at Jakarta Garden City. On this area, there are several areas that is still being constructed, two of them are AEON Mall & Ferris Wheel Wahana Cinta Momozen.


Wahana Cinta Momozen


Located near the entrance of Jakarta Garden City complex, you could see the big building of AEON Mall and the fondation of Ferris Wheel. It is projected to be completed by September 2017. Before the official grand opening, Wahana Cinta Momozen group invite IBornToTravel together with other bloggers & medias to join the press conference.


Press Con Momozen


Press-Con Wahana Cinta Momozen at Club House Jakarta Garden City



The press conference was attended by the Momozen team from Japan & Indonesia. Momozen itself means “1000 Kebaikan” in Bahasa or 1000 Goodness. In Indonesia, it is owned by PT Momozen Amusemen Indonesia with their mission to bring a new experience in the entertainment industry with 3 principals which are Omotenasi (friendliness), Omoiyari (teamwork) and Originality.




The Ferris Wheel already applied the international quality standard, using a high quality technologi in terms of the fondation, safety, completed with anti-lightning protection. The head of the constructor itself is from Japan, of course with the help of Indonesian to finish the project.

Momozen press con


Aside from the press conference about the Ferris Wheel, IBornToTravel and the others were also introduced about the food that will be sold & the passengers could enjoy it on board. The head chef is coming and he explain about two Grab & Go Food, which are the Shawarma & Brazillian Chicken Wing.


Momozen Chef






Wahana Cinta Momozen Prototype

As TRAVELs could see, when the Ferris Wheel is done, it will look like this.



What You Can Do at The Ferris Wheel & Surrounding?

1. Book a Couple Gondola, say “I Love You” , Purpose , or anything romantic to your beloved ones.


love you


Yes, TRAVELs could book a couple gondola if TRAVELs want to express your love, purpose your girl/boyfriend, or say other important things. This Gondola is not just for young lovers. For example if TRAVELs have already been married for 50 years, why not expressing your love again on the sky?


2. Book a VIP Gondola, enjoy the view with family.


vip gondola


If TRAVELs want a quality time with family but don’t have time going out of town, then simply book the VIP Gondola and enjoy the view.


3. Lock your love with the “Love Lock”.

There will be a special place where couples could buy a lock, sign their name on it, then lock it and throw the key away, so there love will be eternal.


4. Buy a ticket and enjoy the ride with the other passengers.

If TRAVELs are fine riding with other passengers, or maybe you are visiting Wahana Cinta all by yourself, TRAVELs could enjoy the ride with other passengers. It only load maximum 6 passengers on each Gondola, so it will be fine and not packed.


5. Enjoying the Grab & Go Food at The Cafe.

There will be 4 different tenants who offers F&B that TRAVELs could bring inside the Gondola. The tenats consist of Ice Cream Tenants, Sweets Tenants, Grab&Go Tenants and Beverages Tenants. Two of their recommended menus are the Grab & Go Food.

– Shawarma (Kebab)


chicken kebab


TRAVELs could choose between chicken and beef. Taste good and they’re using the freshest ingredients!

– Brazilian Chicken Wings


chicken wing


TRAVELs could taste a hint of honey, and the chicken is tender enough. Eventhough it’s a bit complicated to eat it because TRAVELs need to eat with hand, but still enjoyable!


The Ferris Wheel Capacity, Time & Entrance Fee

Now that TRAVELs already look at the prototype, know what TRAVELs could do there, then TRAVELs must be wondering how much the entrance fee is, how long is the ride, and how many Gondolas available?

Entrance Fee Ticket

Single Entrance Fee = IDR 50,000 (1 Gondola with the other passengers, in total 6 persons)

Couple Entrance Fee = IDR 160,000 (1 Gondola 2 persons only)

VIP / Family Entrance Fee = IDR 350,000 (1 Gondola 6 persons, exclusive)

There will be 32 Gondolas with air conditioner where each of them could load 6 passengers. 6 of the Gondolas are designed special for VIP / Couple.

1 round will be around 15 minutes. If TRAVELs book a Couple Gondola, for example for expressing your love or others, then TRAVELs could have 30 minutes (2 rounds).


Overall, IBornToTravel just can’t wait to attend the Grand Opening and be the first one to try the Wahana Cinta Momozen. It will be nice to view Jakarta from up above! Looking forward to it, save the date TRAVELs! On September 2017!

(IBornToTravel join the press-con on 28th February 2017)


Grand Opening soon on September 2017

Jakarta Garden City, Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing

Jakarta Timur


Thanks, reader(s)!

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Batu : Paragliding at Banyak Mountain, I’m Flying Like a Hawk!!

Batu is an Indonesian language for “Stone”. It’s located on East Java Province, about 30 minutes drive from Malang, or 2 hours and 30 minutes from Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia. Even though it’s not a big city, only 190,000 people in the population, but Batu has so many interesting places to see and activities to do.
From a bunch of activities in Batu, I choose to try their Paragliding, one of the extreme sport, as the first and most wanted list that I must experience in Batu. Actually, I’ve been wanting to try Paragliding since last year, when I had my internship in Jakarta (The Paragliding activity is in Puncak, about 45mins from Jakarta) but I don’t have time 😦
The peak of Banyak Mountain, Indonesia!
That is why, when I heard that there’s also Paragliding sport in Batu, which is not far from Surabaya, I definitely must try that!!
Before departure, I already search some informations from the internet about the Paragliding activity. Well, I can sum it up for you in my post here. Your welcome !

Directions :

1. From Batu city, you need to go up hill, follow the road direction with green colour, to Songgoriti.
2. You’ll go pass Jambuluwuk resort (if you find this, then you’re still in the right direction).
3. After that, you’ll find a Cow Statue, and TURN RIGHT.
4. Becareful, because you’ll find 2 intersections, and there’s a sign of Paragliding there, and again, TURN RIGHT.
5. About 200 – 300 meters from there, there’s again another blurry sign on your right, then you must TURN LEFT.
6. The alley is a bit small, and you’ll see rice fields there. From there on, follow the sign “PARALAYANG” until you reach your destination.
The road to the Paragliding is really small, rocky, and it’s near the edge, but don’t worry, just go straight because about 300m from there you’ll arrive at your destination.
The parking area

Why is it call “Banyak” Mountain ?

The view from Banyak Mountain
I went there with one of the Paragliding Tandem Mentor, Mas Jhoni. His house is really near my homestay, that’s why I got a chance to met him, had a small talk, and then asked if he could become my mentor for the paragliding. (Yeah, so lucky, I know right!)
Anyway, Mas Jhoni ever became an athlete that represents Indonesia overseas! Really cool!
That’s why I also know why this mountain is called Banyak, because Mas Jhoni told me about it. “Banyak” is a Javanese languange for a Goose. Decades before, this mountain was sacred and there were moments when a pack of goose came there, searching for some food. As years goes by, there were none of goose left anymore.

Paragliding from the peak of Banyak Mountain!

The registration for Paragliding sport is on the right side (behind the girl with blue T-shirt)
It is about 8 a.m, and I already stand there in the peak of Banyak Mountain, ready for my flying experience! The weather is really nice and cloudy, which means the wind is friendly for the Paragliding sport.
Preparing for the Paragliding!
Approaching the edge of Banyak Mountain! WOHOOOO!!
A brief explanation and preparing my smartphone to record the whole Paragliding!
1. They’ll provide paragliding equipments and also give you a certificate.
2. If you want to take pictures, then you need to bring your smartphone / pocket camera / DSLR / Go Pro. They’ll lend you a selfie stick (not available for DSLR) to take picture while flying.
3. Don’t think about it, FLY and just enjoy the view!
Okay then, let’s FLY LIKE A HAWK!!!
It’s so much fun!!

Here’s the video when I’m flying!

Thanks, reader(s)!

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Let’s Go & Hunt Some Photos at Kota Tua, Jakarta!

Do you know beside Travelling and Eating, I have another hobby which is photography?
You might guess it while looking at my travel and food photos, even though it’s not a professional photography, it all looks great right?
(*Pede amat yak!* Well, it’s okay to be proud of myself sometimes, isn’t it? 😉 )
On Sunday, I went to Kota Tua – in North Jakarta – because I already miss hunting photos too much!
Yes, it’s been a long time since my last hunting session.
I just started to work as a fresh graduates and I’m kinda busy in office!
– maklum, first jobber jadi so sibuk gitu deh –
Not only that… I went here because I want to drive my just-arrived Toyota Agya!
Finally after 6 months saving I could by a car with my own money!
*Whoa… 6 months? That fast?* I know you might get suspicious… hahaha!
Yep right, that fast! Thanks to Toyota Agya’s price that is very affordable and reasonable for a first jobber, I could buy my own car without asking my parents for that. super happy!
Now, now, the intermezzo is right until there, because I’ve arrived in Kota Tua, Jakarta!
It’s super crowded there and it feels like impossible to get a parking area for a car.
Fortunately, thanks for my super slim and skinny Toyota Agya, I could easily get a parking lot – like seriously, a lot faster than the other car around! –
Taking out my gear (read: camera) I start to look around at Kota Tua.
So crowded right? You can see the Pos Indonesia building right on your right side!!

Human Interest

One of my favourite photo theme is actually Human Interest, which means I secretly take a candid shot of people doing their things. There’s always a story behind each Human Interest photos from the photographer point of view. That’s why I love it!
They usually don’t share about the point of view or the story, they just keep it on their head. But well, since I’m a nice one, I’ll share you my perspective in each photos!
Here’s some of my fav shots in Kota Tua – and the story – how do you think?
An old man was playing puppets with “dangdut” songs
I take this shot because I realize that this man is super old but he has the spirit to fight! Maybe he’s going through a hard life. His hair and beard colour is white & long, looks like he never go to saloon for years. His cap is old, might be as old as his age, and his clothes looks like it has not been wash properly. I just wonder if he has a kid or not, is there any one who still take care after him…
Foreigners enjoying their time! Upss… or not?
I take this shot because I’m in love with the black tank-top foreigners style, especially that glasses!! It’s super cool! I’m glad that foreigners could enjoy their time, chill out comfortably with their friends in Kota Tua.
Thennn, I realize there’s one foreigner with a white T-Shirt at the back… why you look so sad & confuse? Hmm, she might be waiting for a friend and I hope they will arrive soon!

Free Shots

Second, I also love to take whatever shots – scenery, stuffs, anything! Here’s what I capture in Kota Tua.
Lots of museums and old buildings that you could visit around Kota Tua, Jakarta. Proud of Indonesia YEAH!!
Buy some souvenirs while strolling around Kota Tua: A must!
Love cycling? Let’s rent this out!


Last but not least… FOOD! Yeep, there are lots of food stalls in Kota Tua, and one of them is traditional street food like the ones eaten by this girl.
Oh my, so hungry right now!
Some girls were enjoying their food! Makes me hungry!
Overall, I can say that Kota Tua is super beautiful, unique, and so Indonesia!
You could go to the museum, watch street performance, rent a bicycle, buy some souvenirs, eat traditional street food, and even say hi to foreigners! Anything!
I realized that I’m still a super amateur photographer, but I just want to show people how I look at the world 🙂
Believe it or not, every people has a different and beautiful perspective in their own eyes about the surroundings.
Those perspective could be shown through each of their photos.
That’s why, if you notice, every photographer has a different style / characteristic, right?
If you share the same hobby as me, taking photos, don’t be shy to drop comments, give critiques to my shots, and drop you blog(s) URL too so I can visit and see your world!
See you in the next hunting photo session & posts!
Thanks, reader(s)!

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Ambarawa: Gua Maria Kerep, a Place to Travel and Pray

I know this post may sound too religious, and believe me, it’s not what I meant – at all – I only share this post because this place has a beautiful scenery and peaceful pray area. For you who are Catholics and want to pray for a well, happily ever after journey along the way, this place is a perfect choice. The location is in Ambarawa, and just ask people around to get to this place. Ambarawa people definitely know about it.

Aku tau judul pos ini mungkin terdengar sangat religius, tetapi percayalah, bukan itu maksudku – sama sekali bukan – Aku hanya membagikan pos karena tempat ini memiliki pemandangan sangat indah dan area berdoa yang begitu tenang. Bagi kamu yang beragama Katolik dan ingin berdoa untuk perjalanan yang baik dan menyenangkan, maka tempat ini adalah pilihan yang tepat. Lokasinya terdapat di Ambarawa, dan tanyalah kepada orang-orang disekitar untuk mencapai tempat ini. Masyarakat Ambarawa pasti tahu mengenainya.

The entrance door


When you get here, you can park your vehicle in the available parking space. Outside, you can find small stalls that sell Jesus cross, candle, fresh flowers, and other religioius things as souvenirs and to pray.

Ketika sampai disana, kamu bisa memarkirkan kendaraan di tempat parkir yang tersedia. Diluar, kamu bisa menemukan ruko-ruko kecil yang menjual salib Yesus, lilin, bunga-bunga segar, dan hal beragama lainnya sebagai sovenir dan juga untuk berdoa.


After you bought everything, you can go inside. There actually three main places here, which are prayer’s place, statues area + garden, “Jalan Salib” (I don’t know the english term for this).

Setelah membeli semua perlengkapan diluar, kamu bisa pergi ke dalam. Terdapat 3 tempat utama disini, yaitu tempat berdoa, area patung beserta kebunnya, dan juga jalan Salib.

The Map


Prayer’s place also consists of three main parts. First location is in front of the Holy Mary. It’s the largest prayer’s place in here, since the name itself is Holy Mary’s Cave. People usually brought candle and flower, place it in the bottom of Holy Mary, sit, and then pray. After the pray, you can wash your face or even drink the water near the Holy Mary area. There’s a believe that the water there can cure your illness, and makes you forever young.

Tempat berdoa sendiri terdiri atas 3 tempat utama. Lokasi pertama adalah didepan Bunda Maria. Lokasi ini adalah tempat berdoa yang terbesar disini, tercermin dari nama tempat ini adalah Goa Bunda Maria. Orang-orang biasa membawa lilin serta bunga, kemudian meletakkannya dibawah patung Bunda Maria, duduk, dan berdoa. Setelah berdoa, kamu bisa mencuci muka atau meminum air didekat kawasan Bunda Maria. Ada sebuah kepercayaan bahwa air tersebut dapat menyembuhkan segala penyakit dan membuatmu tetap muda.

The prayer’s location

Second location, just next to the Holy Mary is in front of Jesus. The place is kinda small, and there are no sitting places. You just can stand there while praying. The Jesus statue is pretty big and the colour is really nice. It looks like new and just furnished.

Tempat kedua berada sangat dekat dengan patung Bunda Maria, yaitu patung Yesus. Tempat berdoa ini cukup kecil, dan tidak ada tempat untuk duduk. Kamu bisa berdiri sambil berdoa disini. Patung Yesus disini sangat tinggi dan besar, warnanya cerah. Tampak seperti baru dan baru saja dipasang.

If you already pray to both of Them but still unsatisfied, you can join another prayer inside a small room to pray together, and sometimes with the Priest there too.

Kalau kamu sudah berdoa didua tempat namun masih belum puas, bisa bergabung dengan para pendoa lainnya di sebuah ruangan kecil untuk berdoa bersama. Terkadang, akan ada seorang Romo yang memimpin jalannya misa / doa.


If you already pray, then it’s time to look around! There’s a one large garden where you can found a lot of statues there. With the outdoor location, this place look so beautiful, bright, and peaceful. You can take a lot of pictures here. Feel free to enjoy your time!

Kalau kamu sudah berdoa, berarti waktunya untuk melihat-lihat disekitar! Terdapat sebuah taman besar dimana tersedia berbagai jenis patung yang berhubungan dengan Yesus dan Alkitab disini. Tempat ini sangat indah, hijau, terang, dan juga membawa damai. Kamu bisa mengambil foto sebanyak apapun disini. Nikmatilah waktumu!


If you want to go here, I suggest you went to Ambarawa Train Museum first (If you’d like to) and go here in the afternoon instead. Why? To get the train ticket for the old train at Ambarawa. See more on the Ambarawa Train Museum post!

Kalau mau pergi kesini, lebih baik kamu pergi terlebih dahulu ke Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa (kalau kamu mau) dan pergilah kesini pada siang hari. Kenapa? Supaya kamu bisa mendapatkan tiket kereta api tua di Ambarawa. Lihat lengkapnya di pos Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa!

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Ambarawa: Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa, Tut Tut Tut!

To my surprise, Indonesia actually have a Train Museum – like, a big and old one – in Ambarawa area. The name itself represents the location, which is “Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa” or in English it’s “Ambarawa Train Museum”. You can found it near the Tank Statue, turn right, where you’ll find a bus parking area, keep straight until there’s a railway in front of the market. That’s the location. There will be this parking guy that will guide you to park your car.

Ternyata, Indonesia memiliki sebuah museum kereta api – yang sangat besar dan cukup tua – di daerah Ambarawa. Namanya pun merepresentasikan tempat museum ini berada, yaitu Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa. Kamu bisa menemukan museum ini didekat patung Tank, kemudian belok ke kanan, lalu akan terdapat sebuah parkiran bus, lurus saja sampai ada sebuah pasar dan juga rel kereta api. Disitulah tempatnya. Akan ada beberapa tukang parkir yang menuntun untuk mencari tempat parkir, sehingga kamu nggak mungkin tersesat.



As usual, we need to buy the entrance ticket to enter Ambarawa museum. 1 person can buy up to 4 tickets in one time. So if you’re 5 or more people, don’t just assign 1 person to buy the ticket. For you who wants to board the old train, the ticket for that is sold inside.

Seperti biasanya, kita perlu membeli tiket untuk masuk ke dalam museum tersebut. 1 orang dapat membeli sampai dengan 4 tiket. Jadi, kalau kamu berombongan 5 orang atau lebih, jangan hanya meletakkan 1 orang saja di antrian, ya! Bagi kalian yang ingin menaiki kereta tua untuk berkeliling, tiketnya bisa dibeli didalam area museum.

Loket penjualan tiket


Actually, if you go inside, it’s not actually a museum. It’s more like a train storage. You’ll feel amazed and definitely interested because it’s not like other museum you’ve ever seen before. There’s no fancy walls, hall, and other indoor area there. It’s outdoor and totally an open area, with a railway, some old train that doesn’t work again but looks really cool, and an old look alike train station – the place that will allow you to try and board the old train to get around Ambarawa –

Apabila kamu pergi ke dalam, model museum ini tidak seperti museum. Tempatnya lebih ke arah tempat penyimpanan kereta. Kamu akan merasa takjub dan segera tertarik dengan tempat ini karena museum ini tidak seperti museum yang pernah kamu lihat atau kunjungi sebelum-sebelumnya. Tidak ada tembok yang indah, sebuah hall, dan juga tempat-tempat indoor lainnya. Museum ini berbentuk outdoor dan benar-benar terletak di area terbuka, lengkap dengan rel kereta api, kereta tua yang sudah tidak bisa digunakan tetapi sangat keren, dan sebuah stasiun kereta api tua – tempat dimana kamu bisa menaiki kereta tua untuk berkeliling Ambarawa –

You can see the old wheel train, the old train carriage, and also the body of the train. Feel free to look around, touches everything, and take pictures of everything! You even can pose in the middle of the railway if you want! Just have fun and let your imaginations go wild in the pictures, okay?

Kamu bisa melihat roda kereta tua, gerbong kereta, serta badan dari kereta itu sendiri. Silahkan melihat-lihat disekitar, menyentuh apapun yang kamu mau, dan ambillah gambar dari semuanya! Kamu juga bisa berpose ditengah-tengah rel kereta api kalau kamu mau! Bersenang-senanglah dan berimajinasilah yang tinggi disetiap gambar yang kamu ambil, oke?

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about the scenery and what it feels like to board the old train. I don’t get a chance to even try to board it once. 😦 See the reason on the suggestion part below.

Sayangnya, aku tidak bisa mengatakan mengenai keindahan pemandangan serta bagaimana rasanya untuk menaiki kereta tua disana. Aku tidak mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mencobanya. Lihatlah alasan kenapa aku nggak sempat naik kereta tua dibagian saran ya 🙂

This is what the train looks like!


My suggestion for you is only one. Don’t go there on the afternoon like I do. Go there on the morning, especially if it’s on weekends / holiday. Why? It’s so damn crowded with a lot of people and you’re most likely can’t board the old train – the queue is just too long until it’s making a long snake shape queue –
I don’t get to board the old train because of that. At that national holiday, I reached the place at exactly 10.45 a.m and finally give up to get the train ticket – just imagine how long the queue is! –

Saranku pada kamu adalah satu. Jangan pergi ke museum pada siang hari sepertiku. Pergilah kesana pagi hari, terutama jika hari tersebut adalah hari libur. Mengapa? Tempat ini sangatlalh ramai dengan banyak orang dan kemungkinan besar kamu tidak akan bisa mencoba naik kereta tua. Antriannya sangat panjang hingga membentuk seperti badan ular, berkelok-kelok panjang. Aku tidak bisa naik kereta karena hal tersebut. Padahal, aku sampai tempat pada jam 10.45 pagi dan menyerah untuk mendapatkan tiket kereta. Bayangkan saja, betapa panjang antrian tersebut!

Besides, as far as I know, the train only operates 3 times a day (on 11 p.m, 1 p.m, and 3 p.m) So eventhough you manage to bought the tickets after a long queue, it might be for the 3 p.m train. For me who reach the place at 10.45 a.m and get the 3 p.m clock, it’s not worth the wait. I still have so many places to go, so I don’t take it. If you have a lot of time, maybe time doesn’t matter, right?
Well, I hope this suggestion helpful and you guys could make it!

Lagipula, sepanjang pengetahuanku, kereta disini hanya beroperasi 3 kali saja dalam sehari (jam 11, 1, dan 3 siang) Jadi, meskipun kamu bisa membeli tiketnya setelah antrian panjang, mungkin saja tiket terseebut untuk jam 3 siang. Bagiku yang sampai disana pada jam 10.45 pagi dan mendapatkan tiket pada jam 3 sore itu sangat tidak layak untuk ditunggu. Aku masih punya banyak daftar tempat untuk dikunjungi, jadi aku tidak mengambil tiket tersebut. Kalau kamu memiliki banyak waktu, mungkin waktu itu tidak terlalu bermasalah, bukan?
Aku berharap saran ini membantu dan kalian bisa coba naik keretanya ketika disana!

So yes, I got another lesson from here. Things can’t be predicted while you’re travelling. Just keep cheering and craving for more adventure ahead!

Yep, aku mendapatkan pelajaran baru dari perjalanan kali ini. Hal-hal memang bisa menjadi tak terduga ketika kamu sedang jalan-jalan. Jadi, tetaplah ceria dan semangat untuk perjalanan-perjalananan selanjutnya!

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Ambarawa: Candi Gedong Songo, Temples on The Mountain!

After circling around Semarang, I don’t feel it’s enough and therefore, I’m continuing my journey to Ambarawa. Anyway, I haven’t talk to you about the culinary in Semarang right? Let me finish my journey first in Ambarawa, and then I’ll give you spoiler about what to eat in Semarang ! 😉
Setelah berkeliling di Semarang, aku rasa nggak cukup hanya sampai disini saja. Oleh karena itulah, aku meneruskan perjalanan ke Ambarawa. Ngomong-ngomong, aku belum bercerita seputar kuliner di Semarang, ya? Biarkan aku menceritakan seluruh perjalanan dulu, lalu aku akan memberikan bocoran tentang kuliner Semarang yang wajib kamu coba!
Ambarawa can be reached for about 2 hours from Semarang by car. The road to Ambarawa is kinda small and it’s really curvy (like mountain – curvy) because the location of Ambarawa itself is near the mountain. 
Ambarawa dapat ditempuh dalam perjalanan lebih kurang 2 jam dari Semarang. Jalan menuju Ambarawa agak sempit serta berkelok-kelok seperti jalan menuju kawasan pegunungan. Kawasan Ambarawa sendiri memang berada di gunung, sehingga tidak heran kalau perjalanannya seperti itu. 
If you go to Ambarawa, then you shouldn’t and mustn’t miss GEDONG SONGO TEMPLE, one of the tourist attractions that is really gorgeous in here. It is located almost at the very top, so just continue driving your car until you see the big sign “Candi Gedong Songo”. There are plenty local people in front of the gate, so you wouldn’t miss the sign. If you worried / confused, then ask the local about the location, they all know where it is.
Kalau pergi ke Ambarawa, kamu nggak boleh melupakan CANDI GEDONG SONGO, salah satu atraksi atau tempat wisata yang sangat mengagumkan disini. Lokasinya hampir berada di puncak, jadi terus saja berkendara dengan mobil sampai kamu melihat sebuah tulisan “Candi Gedong Songo”. Terdapat banyak orang lokal menunggu didepan gerbang, jadi nggak mungkin kamu melewatinya. Kalau bingung / khawatir tersesat, cobalah bertanya pada orang sekitar, mereka semua tau kok dimana lokasinya.

Pintu Masuk
Hungry? There are several choices of food too!
As usual, before going in, you need to pay for the entrance fee. Then, you can go inside the place. Inside, you will found a “Horse-Tour Package” to go around Ambarawa. My suggestion is you take the tour.
Seperti biasanya, kamu perlu membeli tiket masuk. Kemudian, barulah bisa masuk ke dalam tempat wisata ini. Didalam, kamu akan menemukan sebuah paket keliling candi dengan kuda. Saranku, lebih baik ambillah paket tur tersebut. 


One reason, The place is just too damn big
Gedong Songo Temple is really huge! If you want to take a walk, it will be a total of 4 kilos, not to mention the climbing part, the forest, the unknown part, and others. If you ride a horse + there’s someone to guide you around, it’ll be nicer, right? 
Besides, In my opinion, the price of the horse-tour is really affordable & it’s a new experience. You’ll also be taught on how to ride a horse.
Satu alasannya, tempat ini terlalu besar.
Candi Gedong Songo sangat luas! Kalau kamu ingin berjalan, total yang harus ditempuh adalah 4 kilo, belum lagi kamu harus mendaki lembah-lembah, menyusuri hutan, tempat lain yang tak ada petunjuknya, dan lain sebagainya. Kalau kamu menaiki kuda dan terdapat seorang “Guide” yang akan menemanimu berkeliling, akan lebih baik bukan?
Lagipula, menurutku ongkos untuk naik berkuda sangat terjangkau & ini adalah pengalaman yang baru. Kamu juga akan diajari bagaimana cara menaiki kuda.


The tour takes about 1 hour in total. This is assuming that you won’t take pictures around – which is absolutely impossible – If you take photos, then it depends on how fast you take it. 
Perjalanan ini memakan waktu 1 jam, dengan asumsi kamu tidak akan mengambil foto sepanjang perjalanan, yang mana hal ini pasti mustahil, hahaha! Kalau kamu mengambil foto disekeliling, maka tergantung seberapa cepat kamu mengambil foto tersebut.

Horse riding!
The view in the tour
What I can say is the tour was incredible. You’ll ride a horse and see all of the 9 temples. Some of them already in the form of ruins because of the earthquakes and another thing happenned here.
Satu hal yang aku dapat utarakan, tur ini sangat menakjubkan! Kamu akan naik dikuda dan melihat keseluruhan 9 candi. Beberapa diantaranya sudah berbentuk reruntuhan karena gempa bumi dan berbagai faktor lainnya.

Me and my mom around the temple!
A lot of fog, the weather isn’t really nice.
If you see around, especially when you’re in the top of the place, you can witness Ambarawa + Semarang city below. It’s really breath-taking and unforgettable. 
Kalau kamu melihat disekitar area, terutama ketika berada di puncak, kamu bisa melihat kota Ambarawa dan Semarang. Pemandangannya sungguh menakjubkan dan tak bisa dilupakan.

Magnificent right?
That little building there is the city! Look how small it is!
Unfortunately, the weather is not that good when I’m there, it’s start raining – so badly – and I even get stuck in Temple IX because of it. Again, because of the rain I’m having difficulties in taking pictures because my camera doesn’t have any water-resistant spec. and I’m also covered with raining coat. 
Sayangnya, udara tidak begitu bagus ketika aku berada disini. Hujan deras turun dan aku sempat berteduh di Candi ke 9 dan menunggu cukup lama. Juga, karena hujan, aku kesulitan untuk mengambil foto-foto candi karena kameraku tidak dilengkapi dengan ketahanan terhadap air + aku sedang dibalut oleh jas hujan.
Waiting for the rain in nearby “Warung”
I feel that I want to re-visit Ambarawa and re-wind this journey! The horse-owner / guide says that if you want to have a very nice, dry, but very hot weather you should visit Gedong Songo on August. The weather will totally be perfect and 0 chance of rain!
Rasanya, aku ingin mengunjungi Ambarawa dan mengulangi seluruh perjalanan ini! Orang kuda bilang padaku kalau ingin mendapatkan cuaca yang cerah, namun agak panas, maka kamu bisa berkunjung ke Gedong Songo sekitar bulan Agustus, 100% tidak akan hujan.

Look at us, we’re covered with rain coat!


– Camping Facilities

The place near Candi IX in Gedong Songo is usually use as a camp place. There are lots of backpacker communities or even high schooler events that take place in Gedong Songo. It’s nice though, because the weather is really cool, and the view is magnificent. However, be patient, because there’s no phone signal up there, honey!
Tempat di depan Candi 9 sering digunakan sebagai tempat perkemahan. Terdapat banyak perkumpulan backpacker atau acara anak SMA yang diadakan di Gedong Songo. Tempatnya memang enak, udaranya sejuk, pemandangannya pun oke. Tetapi, bersabarlah karena tidak ada sinyal ponsel disini!

Tempat Camping

– Outbond

Around Candi IV, you’ll find some nets and also other facilities for outbond. The location of the outbond itself is near the forest. I bet it’ll be really fun to have an outbond there!
Disekitar candi 4, kamu akan meneukan beberapa fasilitas untuk outbond. Lokasinya berdekatan dengan hutan. Pasti seru banget deh kalau bisa outbond ditempat ini!

You might not see it, but the outbond is around here somewhere

– Hot Tub

There’s also a sulfur hot tub in the middle of the place. If you smell sulfur and there’s a smoke, then you already in the right place. Find the hot tub house and have a shower if you want. Some says that the water + sulfur can cure skin illness.
Tersedia juga pemandian air panas ditengah tempat ini. Kalau kamu mencium bau sulfur dan terdapat asap yang menjulang tinggi keatas, berarti kamu sudah berada ditempat yang benar. Temukanlah rumah pemandian air panas dan mandilah disana jika kamu mau. Banyak yang bilang kalau air dicampur belerang dapat menyembuhkan penyakit kulit.
The location is very near the hot tub


– The weather is a bit cold up there, so you might want to bring jacket or another warm clothes if you like. Sweater is kinda cute, too! ;p
– Prepare water. Like, a lot. It’s cold and the weather is dry. You need to drink lots and lots of water.
– If you want to explore more, I suggest you book a hotel nearby, just like me. I live in Hotel Rawa Pening for one day. It’s a good choice and affordable too. The location is also near the tourist places around Ambarawa. 
– Udaranya cukup dingin disini, jadi bawalah jaket atau pakaian hangat lainnya. Sweater juga lucu, lho! ;p
– Siapkan air, yang banyak! Udaranya dingin dan kering. Kamu wajib minum banyak air.
– Kalau ingin mengelilingi Ambarawa lebih jauh lagi, lebih baik menginaplah disini, karena perjalanan menuju kota cukup jauh dan menghabiskan waktu. Aku tinggal di Hotel Rawa Pening untuk 1 malam. Menurutku, hotel ini pilihan yang bagus dan terjangkau juga. Lokasinya nggak terlalu jauh dengan tempat pariwisata disekitar Ambarawa.
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