Kusuma Agrowisata: Hydroponic Garden in Batu City

If you are bored of going to the shopping malls, beach, mountains, or other usual recreational area, maybe you can try to go to Kusuma Agrowisata in Batu. Here, you can pick some apples in the garden, enjoy the fresh air that’s free from pollution, and enjoy some snacks.
Yes. Live, Laugh, Love!


You can get here from Surabaya or Malang area.
From Surabaya, you will found a sign to the right that shows Kusuma Agrowisata. Take that turns and you will find Kusuma Agrowisata



There are actually two places of Kusuma Agrowisata (KA), but both of them belongs to the same owner. 
I happenned to go to the upper KA (with the big strawberry near the entrance), but then I need to transfer to the bottom part of KA to pick the apples and guava. 
Both of them also having the same package price, which is IDR 50,000 and also IDR 65,000

What is the differences between them?

The one that I visit, which is the upper KA (with the big strawberry) offers this kind of package 
Whereas the lower KA, offers food like toast and fried rice besides pudding, juice, and hydroponic vegetables.
So it’s up to you what to choose!

Note: if you want to taste a very delicious meatballs called “BAKSO JEMPOL” then just go to the upper KA, hahaha! Read the review about it below! 😉 

The reason why I go to the upper KA?

Well, it’s very simple. I just don’t know that KA has two places! 
So yes, let me talk about the upper KA, the one that I visit.
Near the entrance

The Journey

I went into this place and bought the tickets for IDR 50,000 each person. Yes, I take the first package.
After that, a guide will accompany you to look around the garden.
From the story, KA is using hydroponic method to grow its vegetables and fruit. The differences between hydroponic and the usual method is that with hydroponic, there are no chemicals involved, the size of the vegetables and fruits can be bigger, and its purely using water.
Hydroponic method
At that time, I am the one who start the conversation with the guide, as he looks really shy. Maybe he’s still new. So don’t be afraid to ask questions since you’ve paid for the whole package ;). Finish hearing the story, you will be arrived at the hydroponic vegetables station, where you can choose your pack and bring it home. Remember, it’s already included in the package, so you don’t need to pay anything more!
The journey continue to the outdoor garden where they are also growing its vegetables and fruits all over the place. It’s so green and I can feel the fresh air! It’s so refreshing and it’s a new experience for me. 
Finish going around, the guide will take you back into the restaurant near the exit door. Here, you’ll be given a strawberring pudding and also juice. Trust me, the juice taste really fresh and delicious! Too bad the portion is really small, hahaha!
From here, to go to the garden and pick the apple, you need to transfer to the lower part or the other place of KA. It’s so near and only takes about 5-10 mins walk. I choose to go here by our car though, so we don’t need to go back again to pick the car. 
The other KA has a larger area than the upper one. It also consist of villas, entertainment areas, outbond facilities, and others. You need to go to the information centre, and give your tickets here. Then, you’ll receive a guidance / directions where to go afterwards. Just follow it, and you’ll be totally fine.  

The guava garden

First stop will be to pick the guava. You’ll arrive at this huge garden full of guava tree. According to the package, you only can pick maximum two guavas and bring it home. There are no strict supervision from the guard, but please be honest to yourself, okay?
Me picking the guava

The apple garden

Second stop will be the apple garden. To go here, you can ride some kind of an elf (small bus) that will stop right in front of the garden. 
Riding the elf
You can see this beautiful waterpark right in front of the elf stop. Stunning with the mountain view, isn’t it? 
Wish I have time to play around!
There are actually a lot of apple gardens around, but most of them is closed. The supervision is more strict in the apple garden, as you’re not allowed to go beyond the border that is made from a rope. The rule is the same. Pick maximum 2 apples that you can bring home. 
Finish picking apples
Overall, I have no idea that picking apple and also guava can be so much fun! 
Besides picking those two delicious fruits, my friends and I also get to know a lot of new things!
Can you guess? Is it an apple or a guava? 😉


A selfie bonus?? 
Of course not!!
As I promise, I’ll be discussing about Bakso Jempol!
A surprisingly delicious meatball “JEMPOL” found in front of the upper Kusuma Agrowisata.
After enjoying the pudding and juice, we supposed to go into the lower one. 
But then, my friend spot a meatball stall in front of KA, then we stop by to eat it.
Amazing findings:
1. The owner of Bakso Jempol is a very old guy, age 75. He’s been selling this meatballs since in his twenties.
2. This honorable man doesn’t use any MSG in his meatballs. (Yes, it’s true. I can taste it)
3. You can pick whatever you want all by yourself and also calculate what you eat by yourself. Once again, be honest, okay?
Super clean, right? Taste great too!
I really love the taste, especially the “gorengan”. Surely will eat this meatball again if I visit KA!
Even if you don’t go to KA, you can still stop by because the location is near the parking lot of KA and it’s super easy to be reach.
See you guys in another trip! 

Save earth, okay?

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Thanks, reader(s)!

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