Eco Green Park: It’s Not Just a Park!

If you’re going to Batu City, East Java, you will found a lot of attractions there.
There are Jawa Timur Park 2, Batu Night Spectacular, Museum Angkut, and also Eco Green Park.
Eco Green Park is kinda new, and I also a bit underestimating it because its name, which is Eco Green Park. Feel lame, isn’t it? 

I can tell you my thoughts – and maybe yours too – is totally wrong! Eco Green Park is totally a great Park to hang out with friends, especially with family and your precious little kids. You can teach your little kids a lot of things while in here. Even us, the teenagers, also learn a looottt of new things here. 

Near the entrance


You can reach Batu City from Malang or Surabaya. It takes approx. 1-2 hours to reach Batu. 
Before you see Jawa Timur Park 2, there will be a little sign near the tree on the right which says “ECO GREEN PARK -> ” and you’ll need to turn right after seeing the directions.
You can found a lot of villas and hotels in Batu area, so no need to worry 😉 


The Rate

As per December 2014, the rate for weekdays (Mon – Thurs) is IDR 45,000 and weekend (Fri – Sun) is IDR 60,000. Yes, I personally think it’s really affordable since you won’t need to pay anything else inside. Except for foods, beverages, and also if you wish to use the vehicle there.

Posing again near the entrance!

To Ride

When you enter Eco Green Park, the road will directly split into two. You will need to choose whether you want to go right of left. I choose right. It doesn’t matter though, because you’ll finally go all around Eco Green Park both ways.

1. Learning the earth

Take your time about 15 – 20 minutes for this ride. The train moves really slow, and there will be a story about the earth. From the very begginning, until human came and kind of destroying the earth (Well, I must admit that’s true) also teach us how to avoid it and save our earth. 

On the train!

2. 360 degree movie

It’s about 10 – 15 minutes movie about “Hanoman”, it’s like a human monkey originated from Indonesia. I also doesn’t really understand the story because the sound is not really clear and it’s a mix with Javanese Languange.

Note : Both rides are using Bahasa Indonesia, but you can try to grasp what it means by looking at the picture.

3. Weather / Disaster Simulation

There are 3 kinds that we can really try on our own, which are earthquake, wind and ice / winter. 
It’s really fun and worth to try 😉
Disaster like Tsunami, Fire, can also be seen but you can’t involve directly in it. 

Posing inside some educational house there. FYI, all things in this place is made from recycle products!

To see

1. Upside down House (Rumah Terbalik)

It’s really fun inside here! You can pose a lot of crazy pose and it’s all with a trick!
If you’re lucky like me, the only one guide there will approach you and accompany you to see around. 
This guide will show you all of the hidden trick to get a super duper crazy photos!!
I went to Eco Green Park on Friday, and there are only few people there. That’s why it’s not that crowded and I can pose freely. 

Oh yeah I’m a spy!!

Acrobat 😉

Yes I can stand in 1 finger!!
As a bonus, in the end you’ll find a confusing mirror house to reach the exit. Thank you, Mr. Guide! You are really nice and we all really happy because of you!!

Cool photos inside the mirror house

2. Some educational area

There are some educational area such as the replica of some houses and traditional work that people in Indonesia has back then. 

The minion of the house. No, I won’t destroy it. Trust me, it’s just an act, hahaha!

Besides, there are also some temples replica like Prambanan Temple, Mendut Temple, and even you can found Borobudur Temple Replica in here. So you doesn’t need to go directly into Yogyakarta to show Borobudur to your kids. Simply go here and you can show all temples in Java island to your kids and even to yourself, haha!

Temple Replica
Am I look like a model yet? 😉

There are also animals area such as reptile, birds, and others. You can see around while looking at the display name and information about each of the animals.

Posing near the bird sections

3. Other show & small museums

There are also some show (e.g. bird show) in Eco Green Park, but I don’t get to see it. It’s too bad that I haven’t finish exploring the rest of Eco Green Park because it’s raining, and I run real fast until the exit so I won’t get wet 😦

We should watch the bird show here 😦

See you again, Eco Green Park!

What else you can expect in Batu:

Go to the Alun-Alun Batu (it’s kind of a square which you can found a lot of food stall that mainly sell traditional food there) and try the milk there! It’s really famous and you’ll love the taste 🙂

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Thanks, reader(s)!

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