Japan – Day 10 : Shibuya (Hachiko Statue), Doraemon Museum, Cirque Du Soleil – See you Japan!!

Today is our last trip in Japan, and tomorrow we’ll fly back to Indonesia 😦
After we pack our bags, we check out from the hotel, but we still put our luggage in the storage room. We’ll pick up our luggage later on.
The first thing that we’ll visit is Shibuya!
To Shibuya : JR Yamanote Line ( Green Line ) to Shibuya Station
Visiting Japan isn’t complete without a picture with Hachiko, the very famous dog statue that is located in Shibuya. 
Hachiko is a very loyal dog, there’re some film about Hachiko, and I always cry when I watch Hachiko movie. It’s very sad, really. 
So yeah, I finally can meet Hachiko statue in person! 
With Hachiko
Shibuya is also famous for its what so called “Shibuya Crossing”. 
It’s located beside the Hachiko Statue.
Shibuya Crossing has five main intersections, and there’s time when the traffic lights will turn all green, and bunch of people will cross around the road. 
There are lots of photographers waiting for the traffic light turns green and take pictures from the top of the building next to Shibuya Crossing. 
Unfortunately, because I go here around 10 a.m in the morning, the crowd is not that crowded. 
Shibuya crossing view
At Shibuya Crossing
Catch a cute Domo Bus!
After eating our last lunch in Japan, which is a Hamburger Steak, we go to Doraemon Museum. 
Our last lunch in Japan 😦
To buy Doraemon Museum Ticket : A lot of people said that you need to book the ticket 30 days before your visit (maybe this happens if there’s a special event / occasion), but in usual days, actually you only need to go to Lawson 2 Days before your visit to the museum. Else, you can bought the ticket through the internet. Admission Fee : 1,000 Yen 
To Doraemon Museum : JR Yamanote Line ( Green line) to Shinagawa Station. From Shinagawa Station, Transfer to the Blue Line for Musahi Kosugi. From Musahi Kosugi, transfer to the Yellow Line to Noborito Station. From Noborito Station, go down to the shuttle bus service for Doraemon Museum. 
Note : the shuttle bus is not for free.
Doraemon Museum Shuttle Bus
Doraemon museum is really crowded, and our schedule to enter is at 12 p.m, we arrived just on time!
Sorry, in some places like the museum, no photos allowed.
Inside Doraemon museum, again, we meet some Indonesian that come from Bandung. 
Yeah, we realised that Indonesian people are all over Japan. Everytime we go to one place, there must be at least one Indonesian people, hahaha. 
You can found the memory bread, dorayaki, and all the cute doraemon stuffs inside! 
My personal opinion about Doraemon Museum, well, is not as cute as I am expected. 
In my imagination, I can touch and feel lots of Doraemon stuffs, but it’s not like that. 
Overall, it’s okay though, I still can know how Doraemon Museum looks like! 
At 2 p.m, we got back to our hotel because we need to pick up our luggage. 
Inside Doraemon Museum
Reminds me of childhood memory!

With Dorami!
The Reading Hall
Do you remember how Nobita always being tortured by Giant near this pipes? Hahahaha
To Shin-Okubo : Go back to Shinagawa Station ( follow the route backwards ), at the Shinagawa, we eat Soba for lunch – we eat while standing!! – after that, we bought some Tokyo Banana (Refer to my post here for more information ) and then take the JR Yamanote Line to Shin Okubo.
We rush to our hotel to pick up our luggage, and we directly go to Odaiba to catch our show on 6 p.m. It’s already 5 o’clock right now!! 
To Odaiba : Go back to Shinagawa Station (follow the route backwards), transfer to Rinkai Line to the Tokyo Teleport.
We arrived 20 minutes late from the schedule 😦 
I can’t blame anyone because the time is too tight and we also carrying our huge baggage around. It’s also time consuming for us. We go inside and start to enjoy the show.
Sorry, there are no single photo allowed during the show, so I didn’t take any picture at all.
I can say that it’s really worth it!! 
The show is really amazing, I am really speechless to see their techniques. 
It’s a must watch show once in your lifetime, for sure !!
Now, we must rush again to catch the last train to Keisei, the location of our last hotel!
Unforgettable circus show from Cirque du Soleil!
Our last picture in Japan after watching the show!
Bought a souvenir
To Keisei Narita : Back to Shinagawa Station ( follow the route backwards ). From Shinagawa, go to Nippori Station (Still in the green line). From Nippori, transfer to Keisei Narita Line ( the blue one, and it’s not JR ). The last train is at 23.50 p.m, and we arrived JUST on time for the last train . . . 
It took about 1 hour to Keisei, because it’s located near the Narita Airport. 
The five of us fell asleep inside the train, we’re like lost kids with huge luggage and without any parents. The Japanese people is really nice, there’s even a lady who wants to stop the train just because she thinks that we forget to get off from the train, hahaha! 
Around 2 a.m in the morning we finally arrived at Keisei. Thank God, when I asked the MRT officer, our hotel ( APA Hotel Keisei Narita ) is located just beside the MRT station. Horray!!
At the hotel, I pick up my luggage that has been sent here two days ago, and also check in. There’s a bit misunderstanding at the first time, but well, it doesn’t really matter. We’re just really tired and need some rest !! 
We didn’t get so much rest because we need to wake up at 5 a.m, take the free shuttle bus from APA Hotel to Narita Airport at 6 a.m. Our flight is at 9.30 a.m 
Ah, how sad I am to leave Japan… there are still so many places to go…
Thank you Japan!! You light up my life!
I’ll make sure that someday I’ll go back again to Japan 🙂

Ups… I think I have an overloaded baggage!! 


Thanks, reader(s)!

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