Japan – Day 9 : Meiji Shrine, Odaiba

Rise and shine!!
This is the second day of our extension trip 😉

Our schedule today is to go to Meiji Shrine, which is located in Harajuku !

To Harajuku : 

Take the JR Yamanote Line (Green Line) to Harajuku

Before we go to Meiji Shrine, we eat breakfast at Yoshinoya (yes, our favourite restaurant in Japan) 
After that, we go to Meiji Shrine.
Basically Meiji Shrine is like a temple that is located far away inside the woods. 
You won’t feel like it’s in Harajuku, because you’ll be surrounded by woods just like in the forest, and also the path is not paved, it’s still full of tiny little rocks. 

A little hint : I saw some people bow before and after entering Meiji Shrine, so I also follow them by bowing near the Shrine’s gate. 

If I can compare Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple, and Fushimi Inari Shrine, they all have their own beauty. Fushimi with its 1000 gates, Asakusa Temple with the crowds and the big red lantern, and Meiji Shrine with its Forest Like atmosphere. 

Let’s look around Meiji Shrine, shall we ? 😉

Meiji Shrine Entrance. You can bow right in front of the entrance.
Along the way to Meiji Shrine
Path to Meiji Shrine. Really goes back to nature, isn’t it?
Meiji Shrine
It’s called the hanging wishes
Gate inside Meiji Shrine

From Meiji Shrine, because I want to buy earphones, we go to Daiso. Yeah, guess what? You can get a good quality earphone just for 108 yen! Super cheap, isn’t it? 
Because Takeshita Dori is not that crowded compared to the other day, I got a chance to take a picture of the Daiso.

This is what Daiso Looks like!

After that, we try the Takeshita Dori Crepes. Yes, actually Takeshita Dori is very famous for their crepes, but because on the other day we’re limited by the time and the queue is too long, we don’t get a chance to try the Crepes.
That’s why we want to try it today! No wonder, it tastes really delicious ! 
Crepes price : around 500 – 700 yen each.
Location of the crepes store : On the right side of Takeshita Dori entrance. Actually you can found another crepes store along the way, but because this one is the nearest, that’s why I only tried this one. 

The Crepes!
This is how the store looks like it also has display on the left side.
From Takeshita Dori, we go to Odaiba.
Odaiba is a man-made island in Japan, and it’s located pretty far from the city. 

To Odaiba : 

JR Yamanote Line ( Green Line) to Shinagawa. From Shinagawa, Transfer to Rinkai Line (Blue Line) for the Tokyo Teleport destination.
It takes about 1 hour from Harajuku to Odaiba via MRT.

The train to Odaiba is not that full, I can say that it’s really empty that day. Maybe because it’s still in the afternoon, and people is still working. That’s why I can take some photos inside the train, hahaha!

Feels like I booked the entire MRT !

At Odaiba, first we go to the Ferris Wheel to take a photo. 
Surprisingly, at the Ferris Wheel we meet some Dubai photographers and reporters that are from Dubai local station for kids. They’re really nice and we take a picture together !

With the Dubai reporter!

Beautiful flowers in Odaiba
From the Ferris Wheel, we also go to take photos at Tokyo Big Site.
Unfortunately, seems like we’ve miss understand the location – and also the shape – of the Tokyo Big Site. When we focused taking photos of what we taught was the Tokyo Big Site, we realise that we actually are wrong. . *heads down* It’s located a bit far from what we expected. That’s why we don’t get any photos of Tokyo Big site, we only look at it from far away. It’s because our time is also limited 😦 

This is not Tokyo Big Site. Miss-understanding 😦
From there, we go to Diver City where the Gundam Statue is located. It’s really huge and tall, we met some Indonesian newlyweds there! From all the Indonesian people that we already meet so far during our Japan trip, Finally we found someone from Surabaya !! 
How happy we are to meet Surabayanese people, hahaha !

Crazy pose in front of Gundam Statue!

We found Cirque du Soleil, a circus that is known world-wide and has a very great performance, in front of Diver City. Seems that Cirque du Soleil is having a world tour, and how lucky we are to found them here! It’s like a once in a life time chance to watch Cirque du Soleil !!
That’s why we rush to them and after a very long negotiation (because we have a very tight schedule and yet we need to change hotel in the next day) we finally bought the tickets for 6 p.m show tomorrow !

After getting our ticket, because the time is already 6 p.m, we rush to the Oedo Onsen Monogatari, it’s like a Japanese public bath. The famous one for foreigner is this one. 
We are really struggling to go here, it took us about 1 hour to get here, just because we are wrong in picking our way to go to the Oedo Onsen, we’re like circling around the whole Odaiba, and it is really wasting our time 😦 
When we got to the Oedo Onsen, at that time we realised how we should go here at the first time. So here’s for you guys 🙂

To Oedo Onsen : 

Rinkai Line – Tokyo Teleport. Other option : at the Tokyo Teleport, took the free shuttle bus to Oedo Onsen (but I still don’t know the exact location of this one)

Oedo Onsen is really huge, and it’s really beautiful. Let me share a little bit what you need to do when you arrived to Oedo Onsen. Because I found it a little confusing myself, because it’s the first time for me to go there.
First : You need to store your stuffs like umbrella, shopping bags, inside the locker near the entrance door. (You can still bring your backpack / your valuable things inside).
Second : Go to the information / the cashier desk to get your bracelet tag (this is to accumulate how much you need to pay based on what you buy and the facility that you use inside) 
Third : Pick your Yukata !
Fourth : Bring your Yukata inside the changing room (boys and girls separated), where you can find another locker to store your clothes and belongings(You can still bring your gadget or your camera to the next place). Also, don’t forget to change your clothes into Yukata (you can still wear your underwear). There’s an instruction on how to wear Yukata on the wall.
Fifth : Go inside the meeting point, where you can found food courts and other facility such as massage and sleeping room ( I meet with the boys here and we ate dinner first before going to the Onsen. Must try food here : Chicken Curry! )
Sixth : If you’re ready to go to the Onsen, you can go back again to store your gadget and stuffs, after that you can go inside the Onsen (boys and girls separated), where you’ll found another locker again to store your Yukata and also your bracelet price tag, and you need to be naked here. Don’t forget to take your bracelet key locker and put it on your arms here!
Seventh : You can go inside the onsen, before that you can wash yourself near the Onsen Entrance.
Eighth : After Onsen, you can wash yourself and get ready at the make up room.

Oedo Onsen!

Oedo Onsen Entrance

In the changing room!
Really love the Yukata!!
In the food court

Us in Yukata, this is located in the food court!

Good food, good bath, leads you to good sleep 😉


Thanks, reader(s)!

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