Japan – Day 8 : Ikebukuro, Asahi Archery (Otsuka), Akihabara, Roppongi (Tokyo Tower)

Today is the first day of our extension time! 
We already separated with our IBM University friends, and we will start our 3 days journey 😉 

I already send my luggage to our last hotel near Narita, using the luggage service in Toyoko Inn (I think they have a relation with some domestic carrier in Tokyo)
You can ask your hotel whether they have a luggage service or not.

To send your luggage :

You only need to fill a form (see picture below) and give it to the hotel information, and you pay the delivery fee (about 1,400 yen, depends on your luggage weight and size). Done! Your luggage will be delivered and arrived at your written destination in 1 – 2 days (if it’s in the same city)

This is the form looks like
Why I need to send my luggage?
First, because I have a very big 20kgs luggage that it’s so heavy. 
Second, it’s because I need to travel using MRT each time I change hotel ( I’ll be changing hotel 2 times) so it will be very troublesome for me if I bring my luggage.

After checking out from the hotel, we go to Shin-Okubo to check in to Best Hotel 
ShinOkubo is a location where Korean people live in Japan, so that’s why Best Hotel is owned by Korean people, and they’re really nice ! 
The location is only 3 minutes from the station, so it’s very beneficial.
It’s so affordable yet has a clean room and bathroom 🙂

To Shin-Okubo : 

Take JR Yamanote (Green line) from Shinagawa to Shin-Okubo Station 

After putting our luggage inside our room, we directly go out again because we don’t want to waste our time in the hotel. 
Our next stop is to Ikebukuro.

To Ikebukuro : 

Take JR Yamanote (Green line) from ShinOkubo to Ikebukuro

Our first destination for today is to eat ice cream at Milky Way Cafe.
It’s located near Ikebukuro station, so you just need to go out from Ikebukuro station, turn left, go straight and look up near the intersection of the road. The location of Milky Way Cafe is on the second floor.

Basically, Milky Way Cafe offers you a very comfortable place to chill. From Milky Way Cafe, you can look your surroundings through the mirror.
They only sell ice cream – a very delicious and super big one – that you should try ! 
They also provide a zodiac horoscope, but it’s in Japanese, so I can’t read it…

By the way, let’s enjoy the ice cream and the view ! 😉

The zodiac, but I can’t read it

Milky Way Cafe interior

The view from Milky Way Cafe
Me with my ice cream
The cute display in front of Milky Way Cafe

From Milky Way Cafe, we go to Otsuka by foot, because my friend Billy wants to buy an arc and also the arrow. 
By the way, along the way to Otsuka, we found some SEGA shop. It’s like a game shop in Japan, you can found it everywhere, but well, I want to show it to you what it is like 🙂

SEGA, you can found it everywhere !
I don’t really pay attention while Billy is talking with the shop keeper, instead I chit chat with my friends.
It’s really time consuming though, because we spend for a total 3 hours inside the shop, and Thank God Billy finally found the right arc for him. 

The archer shop

Around 5 p.m, we go out from the shop, and it’s raining outside. 
Because I didn’t bring an umbrella, and I also want to buy the transparent umbrella that’s Japanese people usually has, I stop by at the nearest supermarket and buy one transparent umbrella. 
Okay then, rain doesn’t matter anymore, let’s go to Akihabara !

To Akihabara : 

Take JR Yamanote (Green line) from Otsuka Station to Akihabara

Akihabara is basically the centre of Anime / Manga. You can found all types of anime, manga, figures, games, and stuffs like that in Akihabara. Just go around Akihabara to look around 😉

When you already out from the Akihabara Station, you’ll directly see AKB48 Cafe and also Gundam Cafe. AKB48 cafe is really crowded, even the people willing to queue while it’s raining. 

Actually, we want to try Home Cafe, where you can found the waiters dress in a cute cosplay costume. Unfortunately, Home Cafe is closed at 5 p.m :(( 
So yeah, we didn’t have a chance to eat there 😦 
How to find Home Cafe ? Just go to Akihabara, and you’ll see a big board that will guide you to the Home Cafe. 

This is Akihabara 🙂
Anime car !!

Relax, we’re not hopeless just yet ! We go to the Cat Cafe named “Neko Jalala” near Akihabara.
In cat cafe, you can have a cup of tea or some drinks while you’re playing with the cat, or you can take photos with the cat. 

Well, honestly I can say that it’s actually cute, but the cat inside is not playful at all. The cats are really arrogant, and if you didn’t bring any food or you’re not the shop keeper, they won’t come to you. Even some of the cats is sleeping . . .
The worst thing is that, I can’t even hold the cat because it’s always jumping when I hold her 😦 

The drinks, the glass is really cute, isn’t it?

But, well yeah, you need to try to go here !
Neko Jalala Cat Cafe Akihabara : Entrance fee : 30 mins = around 500 yen, drinks = around 500 yen. Each person needs to order 1 drink.

From Cat Cafe, we ate dinner at a small restaurant. As I told you in my previous posts, that even small restaurant use machine. 
This restaurant is very unique though, it has a lot of graffiti on the wall.
We left some graffiti too, hahaha !

This is our graffiti 😉

Our last destination today is Tokyo Tower ! It’s already 9.30 pm, so we need to rush !

To get here : 

Take JR Yamanote (Green Line) from Akihabara to Tokyo Tower, and search for the Tokyo Tower Exit. 

You need to walk for a while to reach Tokyo Tower. 
We didn’t go really near the Tokyo Tower, we only want to do a Photostop at Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower

Okay then, the first day is awesome! 

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