Japan – Day 7 : Tokyo Disneysea

Full – one day in Tokyo Disneysea !! 
Disneysea is different from Disneyland. Disneyland is available in Hongkong, Paris, America, and so on. But Disneysea is only available in Tokyo, Japan. Yes, it’s the one and only just in Tokyo.

Disneysea has two main shows that you won’t and shouldn’t miss. 
Both show is located on the Mediteranian Sea (at the centre of the lake).

The first show is around 2.30 p.m, and the second show is the closing show, at 9.00 p.m.
If you want to see it from a good spot, then you must wait there about 1 hour before the show started. It’s really worth it and I’m sure you wouldn’t miss it ! 

Not only the main show, Disneysea also have some Disney Parade at a certain hour, and it’s also worth to see. 
Personally, I think that visiting Disneysea for one day is not enough. There are lots of attractions that you should see, lots of rides that you shouldn’t miss, lots of snacks that you should try, lots of cute souvenir that you should see around! 

Must eat food in Disneysea : 

1. Chicken (near Indiana Jones, in Lost River Delta)
2. Churros (I try the one near Toy Story)
3. Popcorn (It’s everywhere), Disney Ice Cream (it’s everywhere)
4. Cafe Portofino (Located near Mediteranian Sea, has a very nice spot, Recommended for lunch, try the one that has cheese and prawns at the top)
(I took photos for some of the food, see below 😉 )

By the way, today is the last day that we, as an IBM Students in the Study Excursion, go together 😦 
Starting tomorrow, my group (consists of 5 people) will be separated from the others, because we’ve our own plan for our own 3 days trip in Tokyo !! Yeayy !! I just can’t wait for our adventure! 

So in the next 3 posts, because we’re travelling alone, not with a tour guide anymore, I’ll let you guys know how to travel around Tokyo, what MRT Line you should take, and so on. Just wait for it 😉

Okay then, from this part until the last part of this post, it’s all the pictures in Disneysea. Enjoy ! 

The DisneySea MRT Train!

This is our tickets 🙂

Before riding the Indiana Jones

The Parade near Tower of Terror

You can board the train from Lost River Delta to the Mediteranian Sea (vice versa)

This is the must try food in Cafe Portofino (in Mediteranian Sea)

There’s a bride when I go to the Disneysea! They’re doing some photoshoots! What a nice choice to do their wedding inside Disneysea !

The 2.30 p.m show that you shouldn’t miss

The show is really wonderful and worth it !

Really looks like Cruela, isn’t it?

Eating churros!
The churros shape is the mickey head!

Riding the Venetian (feels like we’re in Venice!)

The night show!


Thanks, reader(s)!

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