Japan – Day 6 : NHK Studio Park, Takeshita Dori, Asakusa Temple, Tokyo Sky Tree

Today we’re going to NHK Studio Park!
So, NHK Studio Park is like a broadcasting studio that is open for public. A lot of kids go here, because there’s so many interactive games, all about broadcasting, that you can use here.

NHK Studio Park is really big, and there are so many things that you can look at.
FYI, everything inside NHK Studio Park is all CUTE !!
I’ll just show you around, enjoy my pictures ! 😉

With Domo-kun!

Yeah, we’re on TV !
Trying to be a news reporter, hahaha
Trying to be the reporter!

It’s dubbing time!
We’re on TV again! Hahaha
Around NHK Studio!
Some fake Sakura inside the NHK Studio
NHK Exit
From NHK Studio Park, we go to Takeshita Dori in Harajuku to visit Daiso. Daiso in Harajuku is the biggest one, and it’s so complete, You can found earphone, headset, make up, tie, sandals, neck pillow, yes, everything! and it’s all for 108 Yen (8% tax included), Yeah, 108 Yen !! I guarantee you’ll shop a lot here, hahaha !

The crowd of Takeshita Dori Street. Yeah, you can’t even breathe!
A closer look

The Harajuku Station just in front of Takeshita Dori
From Daiso (Yeah, we only stop by just for a while, we’re not visiting other places in Harajuku for today), we eat lunch near Harajuku Spain Slope, and then we go to Asakusa Temple.

Super delicious lunch near Harajuku Spain Slope 😉


Asakusa temple is famous for their big red lantern on the entrance. 
Don’t forget to look up when you’re at the bottom of the lantern, because there’s a dragon symbol there 😉

Dragon symbol below the lantern
Between the crowd!
Unlike Fushimi Inari (Refer to my Post here), Asakusa Temple is much more crowded. 
There are some girls walking around, wearing a Kimono ! Ah, Kawaii ! 😉

Anyway, a lot of people were queueing for “Mochi Cake”, because it’s the most popular food here, so I also join the queue. I think – this is my personal taste only – the mochi taste not that good, it’s only have average taste. Mochi in Indonesia taste better yet cheaper, hahaha ! (no offense *peace*)

I also try like a green tea cake near the temple, it has better taste rather than the Mochi. It also has a lot of flavour though, such as red bean, taro, custard, and so on.

I’m in front of the cake stall, it’s located near the temple

The Asakusa Temple


From Asakusa Temple, we have a photostop at the Tokyo Sky Tree. We’re not going near the Tokyo Sky Tree, but we see it from across. 
Next to Tokyo Sky Tree, there’s a building that looks like a beer glass, and it’s belong to Asahi Beer office. It has a unique architecture, because it’s really look like a beer glass!

That’s Tokyo Sky Tree! Sorry, The Asahi Beer Office is unfortunately cut off 😦
With Masae San, my lovely tour guide for this seven days! Tomorrow is our last day together 😦
I also found Pedicab here, and guess what? To ride a pedicab, the tourist need to pay for about 3,000 yen ! For me, it’s really expensive because pedicab in Indonesia only cost you around 200 yen (Rp 20,000 in Indonesia) for one ride.

The Pedicab


From the Photostop, we go to a market near Shinjuku – if I’m not mistaken – to buy souvenir and also Japanese snacks for gifts to our family, friends, and so on. 

What did I bought ? (Refer to my post here , number 10) 
Basically, the one that you should try is Kit Kat (just buy every flavour that’s available, haha), Pocky, Jagabee Potato Snack, All the meiji products, Chocobi, Cream Collon, Caplico, Pretz, and also popcorn. 
Try everything that I bought, because everything is yummy! hahaha.

The location where we buy snacks. 

We directly go back to hotel since today we need to pack our bags. Tomorrow is our last day to be together before we split up for our extension day (we’ll have an adventure by ourselves, in a different places in Japan!)

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