Japan – Day 5 : Nissan, Waseda University, Shinjuku Government Building

Today we’re going to Nissan!
Nissan is one of the biggest car industry in Japan, and they also do some car export all over the world, including in Indonesia.
I’m so excited to visit this company!

We arrived in a road that full of white buildings, I think all of them belongs to Nissan.
When we got inside, Nissan’s employee has already waiting for us. 
We gathered inside a room where we get a little souvenir, the miniatur of the new Nissan Leaf (Thank you Nissan!) that is super cute. 

With the real nissan leaf (You can charge it using electricity!)
After a short briefing, before going around the building, each of us were given a walkie talkie that can be operated from long distance so that we can hear what the employee is explaining. It’s really convenience, because we can hear what the voice of the employee clearly.
(Again, sorry, no pictures allowed in almost all the room / facilities)

I’m holding the walkie talkie to help us communicate
When we go around the museum, I was so amazed because some of the engines can move when you click the button. We also happen to see the oldest or the first car that Nissan has ever made. It has a great maroon colour with an oldish yet stylish design. 
Also, we can get to know the newest product of Nissan which is Nissan Leaf (If I’m not mistaken) which use electricity to power up the engine. 

This machine can draw the Hello Kitty !
Around the museum
After going around the museum, we go by bus to the manufacturing industry. 
Inside the manufacturing industry is really noisy and smelly. It has the strong smell of oil. 
I can see some people moving around, but not many. 
Almost all of the machine / parts production use machine, and few people to control the machine.
Even the machine can walk by itself, following the track of the machine that has been made. 
In the end of the production, there are few people in line, to make sure that the product is all well built (Quality check). 


From Nissan, we stop by the Waseda University. Waseda University is the A list university in Japan. 
We go into a room that already full of Waseda University Students, and two of the representatives from Waseda explain us about Japan, specifically about Waseda, and two of the representative from IBM Petra Christian University explain a bit about Indonesia, especially about IBM.

Near the entrance of Waseda University

Some presentation done by Waseda students

After the boring part ended, we played a little game with the Waseda University students. It’s really exciting and they are all very kind. They speak English well too ! 
Unfortunately, because the time given is only for 3 hours in total, we didn’t get enough time to know each other well. I just hope that we can have more time with them 😦
I also hope that maybe they’ll read about this post too ! Hahahaha *fingercrossed*

It’s called communication game!
IBM with all Waseda University Students!
With all the girls from Waseda University!

When we want to get back to the bus, it is suddenly raining so hard. I think it’s my first rain in Tokyo, hahaha. The weather becomes really cold, humid and super freezing. We all run really fast to the bus.


After all of us hop in the bus, we went to Shinjuku Government Building. In the Shinjuku Government Building, we go to – I don’t know, this is maybe – around 75 floor. Here, we can see the view below us, and it’s so beautiful. Maybe it has the similar view as Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower (because I didn’t go there, I only have a photostop there), but of course, they have higher view than this. But Shinjuku Government Building is free of entrance fee ! 😉 

The view from Shinjuku Government Building


From the Shinjuku Government Building, we go to Shinjuku to do shopping 😉 
Shinjuku has Tokyu Hands, like a department store that sell anything  – really, anything – and it’s really complete. You can spot a lot of interesting yet unique products here. My friends and I spent a lot of time here. 
After we go around Tokyu Hands, we go around Shinjuku. 
As far as I observed, actually Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, Ginza all has the same similarities. They all have branded products along the road. The kind of product that they sell is almost the same. 
Maybe it only has differences in a certain brands and store. 

The Shinjuku Crowd !

We go back to the hotel using the Yamanote MRT Line at 10 p.m. Guess what?
When we board the train, here’s a man whom – doesn’t know why , maybe we are to noisy?… no idea – scream at us inside the MRT. My friends and I feels really scared, so we moved a bit from him. That is when we meet a Vietnamese people who live in Japan, and him and his friend told us that maybe he is having some problem with his job, that’s why he become stress like that. The more shocking thing, after a while, he punch a senior high school student! The most amazing thing is, their surroundings just do nothing and stay calm. 

Not only that, we also experienced another thing. Actually, inside the train, we already wait for about 1 hour or so. I can say that my friends and I were stuck inside the MRT just because there’s “passenger injury”. But what I heard from the Vietnamese people that we met (Yeah, we talk to them, chit chat) it’s because there’s a suicide happening and this is happens a lot in Japan. That’s why no one is panic or something. 

(Refer to my post “Unique Facts About Japan”)


Well, finally, after all of that happens, finally the train is moving! I’m super duper hungry, I can feel my stomach is screaming at me. 
When we arrived at Shinagawa Station, we directly decide to eat at Yoshinoya, since it’s the closest restaurant around, and we already know the taste, and eat there. Surprisingly, at 11 p.m there’s still lots of businessman eat inside Yoshinoya. Yeah, we need to queue for a while. 

It’s 11 p.m and full of business people inside Yoshinoya!

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