Japan – Day 4 : Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Ginza

I’m wearing a formal shirt with a complete blazer for today! Today’s schedule is a little bit tight. 
We’re going to visit 2 companies, which are Asahi Shimbun, the biggest newspaper company here in Japan, and also Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Asahi Shimbun is located near Tsujiki Fish Market, so it’s kinda awkward for me to walk with a full formal attire like this. Hahaha. But it’s nice to know Tsujiki Fish Market. It really is the biggest Fish Market, and I can see that everyone is busy doing their works and stuffs. 

Tsujiki Fish Market
Random Public Telephone

When we arrived at Asahi Shimbun, we must wait for a while before we can go into the – a kind of – hall / meeting room. 
So while waiting, we took photos around Asahi Shimbun. 

Taking photo in front of Asahi Shimbun

After we go inside the hall room, we watch a quick video about Asahi Shimbun before having a tour around Asahi Shimbun.

I’m quite impressed by the Asahi Shimbun, since Asahi is the biggest newspaper company in Japan.

When the video is finished, we took a group picture first (yeah, this group picture is printed on the Asahi headline 😉 ) 

It’s IBM Petra Christian University !

Before the tour start, I’m sorry that no pictures are allowed in almost all Asahi Shimbun’s office 😦
The tour around Asahi Shimbun is quite fun ! We look at the office condition and how the people work.

The most interesting thing about Asahi Shimbun is that in the office, they have like 60 watches on the wall, so that they can always remember their deadlines. Time is the most important thing for them, because they need to deliver a fresh and reliable news every morning and evening. So they always need to watch their time in order to stick with the schedule.

Before entering to the printing room, the employee tell us a brief history about their printing method. The very beginning technique that they use is a metal plate, and the newest one is this high speed printing machine. If I’m not mistaken, it can print out 25 set of newspaper in just 1 seconds! I’m really amazed when I look at how the machine works. 

At the end of the visitation, each of us got a little souvenirs from Asahi Shimbun, including our picture that is printed on the newspaper! Yeayy, thanks a bunch Asahi Shimbun! :* :*

Packaging and delivery section

With one of the Asahi Shimbun Employee

Before going to Tokyo Stock Exchange, we will have lunch. 
You can call it a very quick and rush lunch, until I even can’t take a documentation of the food and the place. 
We can’t be late, and we only have 1 hour time to reach Tokyo Stock Exchange.


We arrived on time in Tokyo Stock Exchange, but because the security on the front door need to check us one by one before entering to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, made us 5 minutes late from the schedule. 

Tokyo Stock Exchange is very quiet and only a few people were there. It has a very unique architecture design, full of glass and it has a big display of the price’s stock.

In front of Tokyo Stock Exchange

Inside Tokyo Stock Exchange
The Stock Display Board
It says “Welcome International Business Management Petra Christian University” 🙂

The employee explain to us about how the Stock Exchange works, and some theory and application if we want to invest in stocks. 

After the tour, we had a simulation about Stock, and guess what? I rank number 2 ! I was shocked at myself, because I didn’t really know about stocks, I just read what’s on screen and go with my instincts. Guess I really have a good instinct, am I not ? Hahaha. 

My friend and I, we rank number 1 and number 2 !
Yeah, rank number 2 !


From Tokyo Stock Exchange, we go to Ginza. Ginza is one of the luxuriest place to shop in Tokyo. It’s full of branded products along the road. If you’re a shopping and branded mania, I think one day is not enough to visit Ginza. You will need two days, believe me. 
I go to Uniqlo, because Uniqlo in Ginza has the biggest store among any other Uniqlo in Tokyo. It consists of 10 floor, and maybe you can spend half of your day here, hahaha. It’s really complete!

I also tried Dalloyau macaroon’s. Actually, I want to try Laduree’s macaroons, since I’m really curious about the taste. But because my tour leader, Masae-san said that Dalloyau has a good taste too and pretty famous here, so I tried Dalloyau instead of Laduree. 

Yeah, it does taste good and yummy ! My favourite Macaroons from Dalloyau is the Lemon flavour! It’s a must try :d 

Ginza !

In front of Dalloyau

Flavors that I bought :d


Back from Ginza, because we haven’t eat dinner, we decide to eat near the Shinagawa Station. So we decided to go inside a place that from the brochure, we think that it sells delicious food. 

It do sells delicious food, but guess what? We need to pay extra 300 yen for our food. 
At the first time, we think that we’ve been cheated by the waiter, but when we asked Kaze and Midori (refer to my posts Japan-Day 3), 300 yen is relatively the standard and it is normal to be charged that amount. 

Yeah, it’s a new experiences for us that we need to pay additional fee for about 300 – 500 yen every time we go inside a “Restaurant and Bar”.

The food from this Restaurant and Bar. It’s delicious though!

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