Taipei – Day 7: Lin Family Mansion, National Palace Museum, Shilin, Taipei Taoyuan Airport

Time flies really really fast, and it’s already our last day in Taipei 😦
Still, there are some places that we need to visit !

On the morning, we checked out from our hotel and put our bags at the Goods Care in the Hotel.

So today we’ll be going to Lin Family Mansion and Garden.
The house is so beautiful and it introduces us more about Taipei. 
So if you have time you need to see this place because you can see the beautiful old houses here. 

To get here : MRT Fulong 

After the exit, turn around, and turn left. Follow the signs, and you’ll get to the place.

The entrance of Lin Family Mansion and Garden

Not taking too much time here, we go to National Palace Museum.

To get here :

MRT Shilin, exit 1. Go straight ahead to the bus stop, then board bus Red Number 30.

Because this is our last day and my parents and I really love to go to Shilin, we decided to go at Shilin from 3 p.m until 7 p.m, then go back to the Hotel.

Oh and have I told you?
We have a really favourite place to eat at Shilin (We’re promoting your food stall, Jie jie!) 
The daughter’s owner is really kind to us. Eventhough she can’t speak English that well, she help us in ordering our food and serve us nicely. 
Not only that, I think they have the best fried rice here in Shilin 😉
So we can’t missed this restaurant before we get back, hahahaha

This is the restaurant, and the daughter’s owner is the one who has a pony tail, wearing a grey t-shirt and her face is covered by the lamp
The menu from the restaurant (Except the hotdog)
A very cute games you can found at Shilin
When we arrived at our hotel, we asked for a Taxi to drove us to the Airport.
Happiness Hotel really has a nice service, because the officer help us to search which Terminal our flight is, and helped us to speak with the Taxi driver.
It was a real pleasant stay with you, Happiness Hotel !

It’s time for us to say goodbye to Taiwan 😦

See you really soon !! 
*kisses and hugs*

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