Hualien – Day 6: Taroko

Day 6 – Hualien (Taroko), Shilin

We woke up really early this morning, and we need to catch our train at 07.20 !!

Thank God that our hotel is not that far from Taipei Main Station 
(it’s only 3 stations from MRT Songjiang Nanjing) 

Today we’re going to Hualien by Taroko Express Train and we’ll arrive at 09.25 at Hualien 🙂

Our train tickets!

Inside the train
Weeks before we’re travelling to Taipei,
I already booked a guide for the Hualien 1 day trip plus the ticket of Taroko Express Train
Why do I need a guide?
Because in Hualien, it’s almost impossible for you to travel by yourself, because the Tourist place in Hualien is located far away each other, and there’s no public transportation except Taxi and the Taxi driver can’t speak English that well

and why do I need to book the ticket in advanced?
It’s really advisable to book your train ticket 2 weeks before your departure time, because the train might be full (Especially in weekends)
Plus, in my case, I already made an appointment with the tour guide, so I must stick into the schedule

Tips : 
– If your train schedule is at 07.20 a.m, it really departs at 07.20. So you need to be there ON TIME. 1 minute lateness, you’ll be leave behind.
– Wear sport shoes (due to the mountain area and some of the trail)
– Bring some raincoat (incase it’s raining)

When we arrived at Hualien, our tour guide + driver, Alicia, pick us up.
She is a very nice tour guide and I’m so glad that I had her as my guide in Hualien, Taroko.

From Hualien train station to Taroko, it needs approx. 1 hour time. 
So we just enjoy the view while Alicia is telling us about Taiwan, especially Taroko.

Alicia is a very friendly guide. She also speak English really well and explain everything for us clearly.

Near the entrance of Taroko 
Taroko is the most beautiful places in Asia that I ever visit !
There’s no words that can explain how amazing and gorgeous Taroko is.
It’s a MUST visit place if you’re travelling in Taiwan, and I hope that my pictures can show you why.

So here are our itinerary in this 1 Day Trip :

Shakadang Trail

The parking lot of Shakadang Trail
View from Shakadang Trail
At Shakadang Trail

Lunch at Aborigin Style Restaurant

I am surprised when Alicia told us the native Taiwan people is the Aborigin. 
But nowadays, Aborigin has already moved to another places and having their own business, such as this restaurant. 
The food is delicious here though 🙂
(I forgot where I put my photos about the food in this restaurant, I’ll update my blog asap when I already found it)

A handmade souvenir from the Aborigin

Qingshui Cliff

The view
A photo with our tour guide, Alicia !

Swallow Grotto

It’s called a swallow grotto because it’s used to be the swallow’s nest. That is why there are lots of holes (you can see it in my picture). These holes are used as a nest by the swallow bird. 
Unfortunately, because of the climate, the swallow bird have moved away from their nest.
It’s really an amazing place !

It’s optional to wear a helmet, but Alicia hired us one!

If you look down, you’ll get this view!

Looks like a painting, isn’t it?

Cimu Bridge

Meet a very talented painter at Cimu Bridge. She’s been here for 2 days, only to paint this beautiful bridge!
After some trail, we go to a rest place where we can found the National Flower of Taiwan.
Alicia told us that January is the right time to go because the flower bloomed beautifully in this month 🙂

Lushui Trail

This is our last trail for today 😦
At the first time you go on this trail, you might feel a little bit disappointed, but trust me, after the dark tunnel, this very amazing surprise is waiting for you!! 😉
It’s much more breath-taking than this picture, you have to feel it LIVE!! 

The view from Lushui Trail

Once the trail is finished, Alicia drove us back to Hualien Train Station. It takes about 1 hour to get back. Near the Hualien Train Station, there’s a beach, and Alicia dropped us for a while at Qi Xing Tian Beach to enjoy the view.

Qi Xing Tian Beach

Have I told you that Hualien is located between the huge mountains and the Pacific Ocean?
So Qi Xing Tian Beach is basically the view of Pacific Ocean. 
You can hear the sound of the waves and just take your time to enjoy the view here 🙂
Sorry, I don’t take any pictures because it already dark and I just wake up from my sleep, so I forgot stuffs.

The time is 6 p.m, and it’s time to say goodbye to Alicia 😦
We say goodbye to each other and hoping that we can meet again someday ! 
It was really a nice trip with you, Alicia ! 😀

Okay then, my last note for you : If you want to enjoy Taroko more, you can spend 2 days here in Taroko, and book a hotel at Hualien city. 

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