Taipei – Day 5: Taipei Main Station, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Tamsui, Fisherman Wharf, Modern Toilet Restaurant, Xi Men Ding

Our first schedule today is to pick up our train ticket for tomorrow.
We already booked the train ticket when we’re still in Indonesia because we are afraid that the ticket might be sold out. 
Where are we going tomorrow? well, I’ll tell you more on the next post. 
So, before going anywhere today, we visit Taipei Main Station to redeem our tickets. 

To get here : MRT Taipei Main Station, follow the TRA and HSR sign.

In Taipei Main Station, you’ll find a lot of food stall (I just know it when I got there)
Guess what? I found out How Sweet Bakery stall, Tee-Hee !
I really want to try their egg pudding ! Finally I can get it here! 

It’s a must try egg pudding! 

Other must-try food at Taipei Main Station. PS : The cheese cake is so yum!!

Taking picture at Taipei Main Station
After redeeming our return ticket and we bought some yummy foods from Taipei Main Station, we go to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

To get here : 

MRT Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

SYS Memorial hall is a very beautiful place. 
You even can look at the Taipei101 directly.
Not only that, it has a lovely garden full of colourful flowers 🙂
Inside the memorial hall, you can find the Honorable Sun Yat Sen statue and you can take a picture there !

I can touch Taipei 101 !! 

Near the entrance of Sun Yat Sen

Angle from the garden

After looking around, to save time, we directly go to our next place which is Tamsui

To get to Tamsui :

Board the MRT that has a green sign to Tamsui 
Or else, you can board the MRT with red sign to Beitou, alight at Qiyan, then wait for another MRT that goes to Tamsui
(Because on the redline, there are two destinations, which are Tamsui and Beitou) 

then, we continue our journey to Fisherman Wharf, or many people say the Love Bridge 

To get here :
Walk along the Tamsui old street near the river, and you’ll find a ticket stall that sell a return ticket to Fisherman Wharf by using a boat. 

In Tamsui old street, you can find a unique person that is look alike with a statue (the gesture, everything).
It is so interesting to see.

Not only that, Tamsui is famous for the very long ice cream cone. The taste is so-so, but you can take a nice picture with it! hahaha. It’s very cheap though, only NT 25.

Again, there’s a lot of food stall along the Tamsui old street that you need to try ! 
Not only that, there’s also bag and fashion store along the way, and the price is worth it 🙂 

If you walk along the river, you will feel that you’re not in Taipei anymore. 
I don’t know if it’s only me or not, but the atmosphere is really calm here in Tamsui. 
I really love it here ❤

The view along the way at Tamsui
After having lunch and a walk, we finally found the ticket stall to board our boat! 
If I’m not mistaken, the price for a return ticket is NT 150 per person. 

Our boat tickets!
You can go in the boat and enjoy the view along the way. It takes about 15 minutes to go to Fisherman Wharf or the love bridge. 

When you arrived at the Love Bridge, you can go across the bridge and take a picture on their famous spot which is a big love statue in front of the bridge.
Once again, you will feel that you are not in Taipei 🙂
The bridge is really beautiful and there’s also some jazz music that is played by a nearby restaurants. 
I’m feeling like I’m in Bali because of the music. (Bali is the “Heaven” of Indonesia, it’s a MUST visit place in the world, trust me!) 

I’m at the Bridge 🙂
Around the love bridge
Photo spot of the Love Bridge !
The view from the bridge of Fisherman Wharf
After we look around and enjoy the view, we got back to our boat and back to Tamsui old street. 
Then we go to our next destination which is the Modern Toilet Restaurant! 🙂

To get here :

MRT Xi Men, it’s located near the Kunming street

Some people are having trouble while finding the Modern Toilet Restaurant.
Just make sure that you brought a picture of the food (it helps) because Taipei people don’t have any idea if you ask them where is the modern toilet restaurant.

Modern Toilet Restaurant is a very famous restaurant on the internet.

The price of the food is about NT 240, which you already get a main course, beverage, and a dessert.
Many tourists come to Taipei to try to eat at this restaurant.
The decoration is full about toilets! Very interesting, isn’t it?
The food and everything is related to Toilet!
After we finished eating, then we explore Xi Men Ding night market.
We go back to the hotel at 9 p.m because we want to sleep early and save some energy for our journey tomorrow. 

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