Day 4 – Yeliou, Jiufen, Ice Monster, Wufenpu, Shilin

From our hotel, we go by taxi to Taipei Bus Station (Station A)
Today we are going to Yeliou !!
Yeliou is located outside Taipei City, so there’s no direct MRT to go there.
Your choices is to go by Bus, or by a taxi.

If you choose to go by bus (same like me), you need to buy the Kuo Kuang Bus ticket No. 1815 to go to Yeliou
It will take about 1 hour 20 minutes to go to Yeliou, and the bus ticket is around NT 100
The driver will let you know if you already arrived at Yeliou

This is the ticket looks like 🙂
From the bus stop, you need to walk about 15 minutes until you can find the Yeliou Geo park.  
Yeliou is located near the sea, and you can look around and enjoy the street view while walking to the Geo Park. No need to be bored ! 😉 

The street view along the way to Yeliou Geopark
Before entering the Yeliou Geopark, you need to pay for the entrance fee, only for NT 50 per person.
Let me tell you a bit about Yeliou Geopark.
Yeliou is basically an amazing stone Park where you can find Princess Head, and so on in the area. You’ll find lots of interesting things here. 
Plus, it is located near the sea, so the place is really beautiful. 
You can hear the waves flow through your ears !
It is formed by the sea eruption, you can easily feel it by touching the stone.

The clear water, I just want to flow with it!
Look at this beautiful stone 🙂 You can touch this one!
The view
The view
Yeliou is super amazing ! 
Feeling satisfy enough after looking around at the Park, we decided to go to our next destination today, which is Jiufen.
In Jiufen, you can enjoy their local markets and also beautiful old China Houses

Note : I can’t find the location of the old China Houses, but I ever browse for it and from what I’ve heard, it is so beautiful. If you have a chance, you should search the exact location of it.

So in this posts I’ll just show you how to go to Jiufen and visit their local markets, there are lots of delicious foods that you should try 🙂

Steps to get to Jiufen :

  • From the Yeliou Bus Stop, Cross the road and take the bus number 790 or 862 to Keelung City. 
  • Alight at Keelung Train Station (around 40 minutes to get here) Pay attention while you are on the bus, because the destination will appear on the screen
  • Cross the road by using the bridge, then transfer again to bus number 788 or 1013 to Jiufen. 
  • Alight at Jiufen (need another 40 minutes to get here) 
  • The entrance of Jiufen is beside the 7-eleven 🙂 
Don’t forget to cross the bridge because when I go there, I don’t know that I need to cross the bridge and go to the other bus stop… hahahaha.
Luckily there’s a really kind bus driver that drove us to the bus stop :)) 
We are really really lucky and get so much help by the local people all along our journey in Taiwan ! :))

And watch out for the 7-eleven, because you can missed the entrance (it’s just a really small road !) – Yeah, we did miss the entrance and there’s another taxi driver that told us we just missed the entrance – 

The entrance is just right there! (crowded with people)
We enjoy lots of Jiufen local foods – they are all delicious! – 
My favourite lists are their mochi (a cold ones) and shrimp snacks !

The Entrance
Some foods at Yeliou
When it’s about 4 p.m, we decided to get back to Taipei before it’s too late because we are planning to go to another night market this night. 

To get back to Taipei :

  • By taxi
  • Go up, and go to the bus stop near the convenience store, and take bus 1815 to get back to Taipei.
In my case, we actually want to board the bus. We already joined the long queue, waiting for the bus. 
We already wait for about 5 minutes, then a black car came right in front of us, and the driver is shouting something in Chinese language.
My dad hear ask me what he is shouting about, and I told him I’m not sure but I think he’s going to Taipei. – Yeah I can speak Chinese a little bit, but not that good. – 
My dad told me why don’t you ask clearly to him.

I rush to the driver and ask him in English. Luckily he can speak a little bit of English.
He said To taipei NT 200 per person, 40 minutes. by bus 2 hours. 
To make sure that he’s going to Taipei and the fee is NT 200 per person, I restate what he has already said. The driver nod several times and we went in his car.
Only in 2 minutes, his car is full of 10 people, and they are all speaking Chinese ! 
So my dad, mom, and I just sit there in the car and remain silence for the 40 minutes drive to Taipei, we don’t understand a thing, hahahaha.

Again, I can say that we’re so lucky! I can’t imagine if we wait for the bus, it can take us a day to board the bus!
I can’t deny that the price is way much more expensive compare if you take the bus, but you can save lots of time !

The driver stop at the MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station. Then some of the passengers told us in English, hey if you want to stop at the other places, just tell the driver. I’ll help you telling him.
I replied that it is okay because I just see Ice Monster and I want to try it! 
It is a very famous ice stall in Taipei – Yeah we’re lucky again!! I never know the exact location of Ice Monster and suddenly this black car lead our way to Ice Monster, hahahaha –

To get to Ice Monster : Get off at MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing and just walk along the road, you’ll find Ice Monster.

The must try ice in Ice Monster is their Mango ice. Unfortunately, it’s out of stock :(( 
So we try their second best ice which is the Strawberry one. 
It really is delicious :d

The super cute and yummy Ice Monster !
 After we finished eating, we continue our journey the Wufenpu Night Market (They mainly sale clothes here, and it is not that crowded)
There’s also a Raohoe Night Market 1km ahead of Wufenpu that you might want to visit 🙂

To get here : MRT Houshanpi

Then, we go back to Shilin again!! (Shilin is my favourite market among all!)

Other Night Market foods

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