Day 3 – Taipei101, Maokong, Shilin


Ah, when I got back from the hotel, I got this super cute surprise from the Hotel !! 🙂
Thank you Happiness Hotel !
We woke up a little bit late because last night we stay up til morning, celebrating new year.

Today’s schedule is to visit Taipei 101 Observatory Deck since we can’t visit it yesterday.

Taipei101, gorgeous isn’t it?

To get here : 

MRT Taipei101

We are so lucky because the queue is only about 40 minutes (not so long compare to yesterday) and it’s not that crowded 🙂 
At the queue, there will be a photographer who takes your photo and directly upload it. 
You can buy the pictures later on the 89 floor.
Our picture is on TV ! 
What attracts me the most is the lift to go upstairs. 
It only needs 40 seconds to get to the 89 floor !!
No wonder it can get a Guinness World Book of Record for the fastest lift ever !

It’s super duper FAST !
Additional information for you, the height of Taipei101 is 500 meter high, and from what I’ve heard, it is the highest Observation Tower in the world, even The Bund at Shanghai – which is also beautiful as Taipei101, believe me – is lower than Taipei101

On the 89 floor,  you can look how gorgeous Taipei is through the window. 
When I look through the window for the first time, I felt a little bit dizzy because it is so incredibly high ! 

The view that you’ll get if you look through the window at 89 Floor

If you feel that the view is not clear and high enough, you can go upstairs to the open deck, where you can look Taipei City directly with your bare eyes. 

You can see this with your bare eyes! 😉
At the Open Deck, Taipei101 provide us with a binoculars that can zoom in – until you see the cars passing by the street ! – (you need to insert 2 coins of NT 10)

I’m trying to use the binoculars 😉
The last thing that you can’t missed inside Taipei101 is the Damper, and their cute Damper statue !! 🙂
It is a big gold round thing inside the building, and the function is to hold the Taipei tower incase there’s a big typhoon (it happens a lot of time in Taipei).

The Damper inside Taipei101
From the observatory deck, we went into the food court to have lunch before continuing our journey.

The beef is so delicious and the noodle is so soft !
Our next destination for today is Maokong Gondola.

To get here : 

MRT Taipei Zoo, about 10 minutes walk.

If you have an Easy Card, you don’t need to buy a ticket.
You can simply use your Easy Card to enter the Maokong Gondola 🙂

The queue is very very long, it’s about 2km long!
But don’t worry, Maokong provide lots of Gondola so we only need to wait for about 1 hour to get inside the Gondola.
While waiting at the queue, if you’re lucky enough – like me, haha – , you can watch the Dancing Water show just beside the Maokong Gondola. It is very beautiful, especially at the Twilight ❤

The dancing water 
There are two cabin types on Maokong. 
The first one is the ordinary cabin, and the other one is the crystal cabin.
The cost of the two cabin is just the same, and the difference is that on crystal cabin, your foot will step on a see-through window !
We choose the ordinary cabin since I am 100% sure that I can’t sit calmly for 20 minutes with a see through window underneath my foot ! 
I just can’t imagine how scary it is ! 

The view from Maokong Gondola is just beautiful. 
Even Taipei101 can be seen from the Gondola !
You can relax at the Gondola and taking some gorgeous picture 🙂

The view from Gondola

The view from Gondola
When you have arrived at Maokong, you can enjoy tea at some local restaurants there and enjoying the evening view.
Maokong is very famous for their Tea, and the price is a bit expensive. 

One of the Tea stall in Maokong

To get back to the MRT Taipei Zoo, basically you have two options.
  • Taking back the Gondola to the Maokong Gondola Station
  • Board a small bus (number 15 or 10, it is just the same) across the street 
The bus stop in front of Maokong Station
In my case, I board the small bus. Why is that? Because the queue of the Gondola is way to crazy! It’s maybe 4 km long and the wind is too strong and very cold! 
Whereas the queue for the bus is only 500m long. 
That’s why we choose to board the small bus. 

It’s our first time ever to board a small bus and stand inside the bus! 
It is very memorable since the bus is really small and crowded, you must hold the grip very tight or else you will fell down on the floor, and… you know what? We don’t pay for the bus!
Actually, I don’t know that we must pay for the bus because the driver don’t tell us anything and there are bunch of people that rush to the bus so we didn’t see that there is an Easy Card electronic scanner there. 
I feel so guilty until now 😦
So for you guys, don’t forget to look for any sign of Easy Card scanner because it can be used everywhere ! 

The nice thing about taking the bus, it is directly stop at the MRT Taipei Zoo station, whereas if you take the Gondola again, you must walk for 10 minutes back to the MRT Station. 

It’s already 7 p.m when we get back from the Gondola, so we decided to visit Shilin.

There’s a very important thing that you should notice.

To get here :

If you want to visit their Night Market (clothes,bags,and so on) stop at the MRT Shilin, and walk for 10 minutes.
If you want to go directly to their food stall, stop at the MRT Jiantan station, and you only need to cross the road. 

Because it is my first time visiting Shilin, I make a mistake. I stop by at the MRT Shilin station and I need to walk far far away to get at the foodstall.
I almost think that in Shilin there’s no food stall at all, just clothes and stuff. 
Luckily after I take a very long walk I finally figure this out ! 

There are lots of food that you must try in Shilin which I’ll posts on my upcoming post ! 

Stay tuned guys!

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