Day 1 – Hello Taiwan!

This is my first time to post about do it yourself trip.
Well, I need some time because I need to prepare the photos and the steps. 
It is so much different than posting a usual post for food or others. 
I hope you guys can enjoy it and will be having your own DIY trip soon ! 
Oh, and don’t forget to share it with me 🙂

In day 1, basically my family and I only spent our time in the airplane.

Here’s some info that I can share to you :
  • From the airport, you can board Kuo Kang Bus 1815 to the Taipei Bus Station, the price is about 100 NT per person. From the Taipei Bus Station, you can continue your journey to your place by Taxi or MRT.
  • Hire a taxi straight to your place. Don’t worry, because the Taxi uses the meter fare, so you won’t be cheated. Yes, Taipei people is so warm and nice ! 🙂
  • There’s no MRT to the city yet. From what I’ve heard, this March or April 2014 the MRT will be finished soon. For you who’s travelling on April, maybe you can board the MRT !
In my case, I use a Taxi, because I arrived at Taipei on 00.30 a.m 
and the Kuo Kang bus is available only until 00.00 

I live in Happiness Hotel in Tokyo, located in Zhong Shang District
It is a really recommended hotel because it is so clean and neat.
The hotel officer also help us a lot ! They care about the customers. 
Not only that, if you walk out of the hotel, on your right side you’ll find 7-eleven, family mart, bakery, and restaurants. 
The other plus point, it’s just 2 minutes walk to the MRT Songjiang Nanjing.

I just can’t wait to explore Taipei !! 🙂


Thanks, reader(s)!

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